Brad Pitt Wore a Skirt

Brad Pitt‘s style on the Bullet Train promo tour has been delightfully unexpected. There was the orange sherbert moment, the pink leisure wear, the green track suit, and now a skirt. It’s a bit of a wrinkled mess, but I like that he’s pushing the envelope for once. My favourite take on this look is Pajiba saying he’s “cosplaying Chris Pine.”

-Variety released its annual Hollywood salaries report, and the TV side of things is pretty eye-opening. Paydays for actors of $1 million an episode or more — once a rare occurrence — are now commonplace for A-list talent, especially movie stars turning up on the small screen. Kevin Costner for Yellowstone, Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd for The Shrink Next Door, and Michael Keaton for Dopesick all pulled in over $1M per ep.

-On the movie side of things, Anya Taylor-Joy‘s is getting $1.8 million for #Furiosa, Vin Diesel will earn $20 million for FastX, Tom Cruise got $100 million+ for the latest Top Gun, and Will Smith will be paid $35 million for thriller Emancipation (the highest upfront salary reported by Variety this year).

-Meanwhile, this is an interesting piece on how those who make TV shows are fighting for better compensation now that the growing income gap between richly rewarded A-listers and everyone else on the set is fueling indignation among union members.

-The cast of Bridgerton made a cute video to mark the official start of filming season 3. Also, the season description sounds much better than the book.

-I didn’t realize so many people watch New Amsterdam but my TL is on fire after Freema Agyeman announced she’s not returning to the show.

-Do Ben Affleck and Chris Messina need to hug it out?

-Magic Mike’s Last Dance, the third movie in Channing Tatum’s male stripper franchise, will premiere directly on HBO Max. However, director Steven Soderbergh says a theatrical run is still on the table. Whatever gets it in my eyeballs fastest works for me!

-I really, really loved The Bear but this is an interesting take.

Conan O’Brien’s longtime assistant Sona Movsesian wrote a memoir called The World’s Worst Assistant, and talks about smuggling her boss to work and making him watch Bad Girls Club.

-Everything Everywhere All At Once is returning to theatres with eight new minutes of footage. I was worried when it first came out that it was released too early in the year to sustain Oscar buzz, but I’m happy to have been wrong.

-I finally watched Netflix’s Persuasion and thought it was fine — as long as I didn’t in any way compare it to the book.

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney bought a soccer team and made a documentary about it. The teaser trailer is great.

-Speaking of new documentaries, Shain Twain’s rise to fame is getting the Netflix doc treatment. Here’s the trailer.

-HBO has released the first official trailer for House of the Dragon, the network’s Game of Thrones prequel series debuting on Aug. 21.

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