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May 13, 2022

Cara Delevingne and Shailene Woodley Dating Rumours

-There’s lots of shady Deux Moi-fueled rumours about longtime friends Cara Delevingne and Shailene Woodley dating, and even though I don’t believe it, I kind of want to.

-17 network TV shows got cancelled yesterday. 17!

-An emotional Ashley Judd opened up about her mother Naomi’s cause of death and struggle with mental illness in an interview on GMA. “Mother used a firearm.”

This is an interesting read on the ill will some showrunners have towards Netflix, who initially promised TV creators unlimited freedom and spend. This bit is the best: “Tech companies always come up with these incredibly baroque, disruptive solves for problems that are relatively simple,” says Showrunner X, who suggests that the answer might just be to make risk-taking content on a responsible budget, give people time to watch it, and support it with marketing. “It’s just fucking television.”

-In news that should shock no one, the “Fan Favorite” and “Cheer Moment” awards at this year’s Oscar ceremony appear to have been rigged by automated online bot accounts backing Zack Snyder‘s Justice League.

Andy Dick was arrested on suspicion of felony sexual battery.

Natasha Lyonne will host next week’s SNL season finale, with Japanese Breakfast as the musical guest. Is anyone even watching the new season of Russian Doll? The first season hit like a freight train but I’ve heard no buzz about season two.

-Speaking of shows that are seemingly suffering a big decrease in buzz, Atlanta just aired its 4th “anthology” story out of nine episodes so far. While I’ve been liking these ones, I really do want more episodes featuring Al, Earn, Darius, and Van.

-This is an interesting look at why Twitter is losing most of its A-list celebs. It’s increasingly viewed as a high-risk, low-reward platform where the discourse has become so politicized that many stars prefer not to engage at all.

-Vogue ask Blake Lively to break down 19 looks from 2005 to now.

-Only one critic I follow (Joanna Robison, who interestingly is the critic who most aligns with my tastes), seems to like the Time Traveler’s Wife. It’s HBO’s poorest reviewed series ever on Metacritic. Critics are not liking the fact that Theo James‘ character first meets Rose Leslie‘s when she’s 6 and seems to groom her.

-Here’s the latest look at the new Jurassic Park movie.