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October 2021

Lady Gaga “Takes Out the Trash” in the House of Gucci Trailer

Lady Gaga plots a takeover — and then a murder — in the full House of Gucci trailer.

Zayn Malik is “adamantly” denying reports that he “struck” Yolanda Hadid, the mother of his girlfriend Gigi. The original TMZ report seemed to be originate from Yolanda herself, leading Zayn to shoot back by saying, “In an effort to protect that space for her I agreed to not contest claims arising from an argument I had with a family member of my partner’s who entered our home while my partner was away several weeks ago. This was and still should be a private matter but it seems for now there is divisiveness and despite my efforts to restore us to a peaceful family environment that will allow for me to co-parent my daughter in a manner in which she deserves, this has been ‘leaked’ to the press.” That’s gonna make for an awkward holiday dinner…

-In THR’s cover story on Will Ferrell, the actors says he was worried Elf would ruin his career.

Brad Pitt had a setback in his never-ending custody dispute with Angelina Jolie.

-Meanwhile, this dress on her is STUNNING.

-Succession’s Brian Cox has a new book out, and expresses some Logan Roy-esque opinions about his fellow celebs, including David Bowie (“A skinny kid, and not a particularly good actor. He made a better pop star, that much is for certain”), Quentin Tarantino (“I find his work meretricious. It’s all surface. Plot mechanics in place of depth. Style where there should be substance. I walked out of Pulp Fiction…That said, if the phone rang, I’d do it”), and Johnny Depp (“I mean, Edward Scissorhands. Let’s face it, if you come on with hands like that and pale, scarred-face make-up, you don’t have to do anything. And he didn’t. And subsequently, he’s done even less”). People he praises include Keanu Reeves (“A ‘seeker’ who has ‘actually become rather good over the years'”) and the late Alan Rickman (“One of the sweetest, kindest, nicest and most incredibly smart men I’ve ever met. Prior to acting he’d been a graphic designer and he brought the considered, laser-like precision of that profession to his work”).

-There’s been so much talk about film and TV crews being treated badly that it’s lovely to hear that Keanu Reeves gave his stunt team a swanky wrap gift for completing John Wick 4: Rolexes engraved with personalized messages. And not just any Rolex — the fancy diver kind.

-PAPER and Google launched an online mag that transforms the trends of 2021 into a shoppable site called 21of21 — and I’m only here for its Jennifer Coolridge photoshoot.

Dan Levy told Jimmy Kimmel that Schitt’s Creek left him with a shopping addiction. “The budget of our show was about six pennies in a shell and so when you have no money but you want to dress people in designer clothes you have to find creative ways of doing that, so I would shop the entire year save the clothes and then bring them to set and work with our costume designer to style them. It’s left me with the most horrendous shopping addiction because I was shopping on a company card and now I’m just shopping. And there’s no company card anymore.”

-I’m very glad that the Beautiful Disasters adaptation is getting some bad press. I still can’t believe this was green lighted.

-Friends star Matthew Perry is planning to release an autobiography next year. “There has been so much written about me by others in the past. I thought it was time people heard it directly from the horse’s mouth. In this case, the horse’s mouth being me.”

-Netflix dropped the trailer for Tiger King 2. Are we really doing this again?

-Here’s our first look at HBO’s Landscapers, a limited series starring Olivia Colman and David Thewlis as a seemingly ordinary married couple who come under scrutiny after two dead bodies are discovered in their garden.

-Here’s the first full trailer for Netflix’s upcoming live-action Cowboy Bebop adaptation, starring John Cho.

Adam Brody Reminisces about The OC

Adam Brody was a guest on the latest episode of the OC recap podcast, and the entire conversation is a delight. He and ex-girlfriend Rachel Bilson reminisce about the show, analyze Seth Cohen’s legacy, and argue about whether or not he costarred with her in Jumper. They were supposed to recap the third season episode “The Strip” but they talked so much they had to split it into two episodes.

-Everyone is still trying to make Chris Evans and Selena Gomez happen. Unsubscribe.

-The Crown is set to defy the express wishes of Prince William in its upcoming season by including a dramatized version of Princess Diana‘s interview with Martin Bashir. As it is believed the Netflix drama will recreate the infamous moment she tells the BBC ‘there were three of us in this marriage.’

-A “live” round was used in the gun that killed Rust cinematographer Halyna Hutchins, the Santa Fe Sheriff’s Department and the Santa Fe County District Attorney said in a press conference today. They added that it’s too early to determine whether charges would be filed.

-Rust’ armorer told investigators that live ammunition was not used on the set, while the first assistant director told investigators that he did not check all three rounds in a handgun before giving it to Alec Baldwin and declaring it a “cold gun.” He acknowledged he should have done so.

-There’s been a lot of talk about the inexperienced crew/below the line workers on the set of Rust, but I think this article is the first I’ve seen to put more blame (rightly) on the producers.

Ioan Gruffudd‘s split from wife Alice Evans continues to be messy. Just as he went Instagram official with his new girlfriend, she’s accusing him of a three-year affair.

Skeet Ulrich initially thought Matthew Lillard and Jamie Kennedy were ruining Scream by improving jokes. “[I was] like, ‘This isn’t funny. This isn’t supposed to be funny.’ And man, was I wrong.”

Tom Holland says that he can’t wait for people to see one particular scene in Spider-Man: No Way Home. “It’s one of the coolest scenes I’ve ever shot… it’s four people sitting at a table, having a conversation about what it’s like to be a superhero, and it was amazing.” It’s got to be with all the other actors who played Peter Parker who are rumoured to appear, right?

Britney Spears‘ fiancé Sam Asghari has been cast in an action movie alongside (ugh) Mel Gibson.

Kevin Hart takes a dramatic turn in Netflix’s upcoming seven-episode drama Matter of Life and Death, costarring Wesley Snipes. Watch the first trailer here.

-A new trailer for House Of Gucci shows Lady Gaga meeting Adam Driver. Oh my god, these accents!

-A new Wheel of Time trailer has dropped. GQ recently did a huge profile on the new Amazon show, and the scale and expense of this thing is insane. (The piece also does a good job of capturing the actors’ dawning realization that if this turns in to the next Game of Thrones like Jeff Bezos wants it to, they could be filming in Prague for the next 5-10 years.)

Chris Evans voices the original Buzz Lightyear in Pixar’s upcoming Lightyear movie (though he only says the word “and” in the trailer). Director Angus MacLane told Entertainment Weekly to not think of Lightyear as being set in the world of Toy Story. “It’s a straightforward sci-fi action film about the Buzz Lightyear character…It’s that character but as the space ranger, not as the toy.” Is it just me, or is that a fundamental misunderstanding about what audiences want to see of these characters?

Angelina Jolie Dodges Questions about The Weeknd

-This is a valiant effort by E! News, but Angelina Jolie is staying mum about her relationship with The Weeknd. When asked whether her children were more excited by her role in Eternals or by her friendship with singer, she replied: “They’re very excited about this film… If that’s what you’re asking.”

-A new analysis of tweets about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry has revealed a coordinated campaign of targeted harassment of Markle on Twitter — and only 83 accounts were responsible for approximately 70% of the negative and often hateful content. And those 83 accounts aren’t just run by bots and trolls: “This campaign comes from people who know how to manipulate the algorithms, manipulate Twitter, stay under the wire to avoid detection and suspension. This level of complexity comes from people who know how to do this stuff, who are paid to do this stuff.”

Jon Stewart stood up for his pal Dave Chappelle, saying “I know his intention is never hurtful. He’s not that kinda person.” Which completely misses the point.

-One of the cast members on Rust talked to TMZ about feeling like the camera was more protected than the actors on the shoot.

-TMZ is also reporting that the gun was used by crews members off set as well, for what amounted to target practice. Which is a big no-no, according to safety experts.

-Meanwhile, the film’s 24-year-old armorer was reportedly the subject of numerous complaints on her previous film just two months earlier, and was yelled at by Nicolas Cage for firing without warning him about the noise first, according to a crew member.

-Succession has already been renewed by HBO for season 4.  Thank god.

Penn Badgley is aware that Cardi B wants to appear on the next season of You, but can’t confirm or deny her involvement. “I mean, I definitely can’t say, but there is actually, I believe, this is true, there’s an actual petition. Changing the world!”

Taylor Swift is very excited about fall. Same, girl.

-Is the Sex and the City reboot staging paparazzi shots to fool us, or is stuff like this nonsense legit?

Megan Thee Stallion has a backup plan — she revealed she’s about to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in health administration after taking online courses at Texas Southern University.

Harrison Ford lost his credit card while filming Indiana Jones 5 in Italy, and a very nice person turned it into a police station instead of buying themselves an island.

-Dune is officially getting a sequel.

Anna Kendrick joined William Harper Jackson at the Love Life premiere, so she must be in the second season a little, right? I found her season very charming, and am looking forward to his season.

-Squid Game creator Hwang Dong-hyuk responded to LeBron James’ criticism of the show’s ending, saying “Have you seen ‘Space Jam 2’?” Fair.

-It’s Legends of Tomorrow’s 100th episode this week, and a bunch of familiar faces are returning, including Arthur Darvil, Victor Garber, Brandon Routh and Wentworth Miller.

Sandra Bullock plays an ex-con fighting for her sister in the trailer for Nora Fingscheidt’s The Unforgivable.