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August 25, 2021

Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana in Spencer

-The first poster for Kristen Stewart‘s Princess Diana biopic is goddamn art. Footage from the movie debuted at CinemaCon (where movie studios/distributors try to impress theatre owners/exhibitors) and word is that she’s “nailing Diana’s whispery tone of voice and accent.”

-CinemaCon attendees were also treated to new footage of Robert Pattinson in The Batman, and a teaser trailer for The Matrix: Resurrections, which shows Neo meeting Trinity in a coffee shop and asking “Have we met?”

-With every new article on how the staff at Jeopardy is unhappy with Mike Richards and how everything went down, I keep expecting him to be cut loose. But NYT’s latest story about it says Sony wants him to stay put. “In a show of defiance that has baffled Hollywood, Sony signaled it will keep Richards on as executive producer of Jeopardy & Wheel of Fortune. During a call with Jeopardy staff Monday, Sony’s top TV executive made clear the studio supported Richards.”

-A court has granted Megan Thee Stallion‘s request to release her remix of BTS’ “Butter” on Friday after her label tried to block it.

Kanye West’s listening party tomorrow in Chicago for his upcoming album will admit up to 38,000 fans, but there’s no requirement for a COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination. What could possibly go wrong?

-Earlier this week in the UK, Tom Cruise needed somewhere to land his helicopter when he went to a meeting because the local airport was shut, so he asked a nearby family if he could use their field — and then repaid them by treating the kids to a helicopter ride. Upon hearing the news, James Corden told his own story about Cruise texting him about meeting for dinner and asking if he could “land his heli” in Corden’s tiny downtown yard.

Spike Lee is getting heat for devoting a significant amount of time in his new four-part HBO documentary series to a 9/11 conspiracy theorist (which seems to fit with his own worldview, judging by his new NYT interview, in which he cites the widely debunked theory about steel not being able to melt at those temperatures.) He’s now re-editing the docuseries and asking people to “hold judgement until you see the final cut.”

Mandy Patinkin responded to a fan’s question about The Princess Bride and my god, how his response made me cry.

-Speaking of celebs who made me cry today, here’s John Cena meeting a young fan who he inspired when his mom was going through cancer treatments.

Madonna celebrated the 9th birthday of her adopted twin daughters, Stella and Estere, with a cute Instagram post.

-Ted Lasso stars Brett Goldstein and Juno Temple did an interview with the LA Times about why Roy and Keeley’s relationship works. (It works because it’s following a tried-and-true trope of romance novels: the grump who’s paired with the ray of sunshine).

-Meanwhile, here’s a clip from this week’s episode.

-Hulu says the Nine Perfect Strangers premiere was the most-watched Hulu original ever. I’ve seen the first three episodes and I basically want to fast-forward past everyone who isn’t Melissa McCarthy and Bobby Cannavale and pretend I’m watching a sequel to Spy.

Hayley Williams and Josh Farro are now credited on Olivia Rodrigo‘s “good 4 u” after people kept pointing out the song’s similarities to Paramore’s “Misery Business”.

-The Flash will kick off Season 8 with a five-part special event that brings back fan-favorite heroes and villains from across the Arrowverse, including Arrow’s Kat McNamara and Neal McDonough, Batwoman’s Javicia Leslie, Legends’ Brandon Routh and Ryan Choi, Black Lightning’s Cress Williams, Supergirl’s Chyler Leigh, and The Flash alum Tom Cavanagh. It’s like a crossover except most of those people aren’t trying to concurrently film another show, so it won’t break the actors like usual (while at the same time offering the Flash regulars a bit of a break). I’m especially surprised by Routh’s inclusion as it seemed his departure from the Legends was less than amicable.

-Meanwhile for the Supergirl series finale, former cast members Mehcad Brooks, Chris Wood and Jeremy Jordan are coming back.

-Oh god, there’s rumbling again about NBC rebooting The Office. I loved this show, but please don’t.

Jennifer Carpenter will appear in Showtime’s forthcoming Dexter revival as a regular — despite the fact that her character died in the series.

Betty has been canceled after two seasons at HBO. Too bad. I haven’t gotten around to the latest season, but it was always a fun hang.

-The Nevermind baby is suing Kurt Cobain’s estate and the surviving members of Nirvana for child sexual exploitation.

-This is incredibly smart of Netflix — they’ve just announced their own sort of virtual ComicCon. TUDUM is a virtual fan event coming September 25, in which Netflix stars will introduce exclusive first looks of upcoming shows and films.

Charlie Cox is an ex con who gets mixed up in a cartel in the trailer for AMC’s Kin.

Grace Van Patten and Mia Goth star in the Mayday trailer.