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August 16, 2021

Lil Nas X Under Pressure

Lil Nas X in a white feathered sweater on the cover of Out

Lil Nas X covers Out magazine and talks about the pressures of being a Black gay musician: “Mentally, it’s really draining and straining sometimes.”

Pete Davidson and Bridgerton’s Phoebe Dynevor have reportedly split after five months of dating.

-Some people don’t like Lizzo‘s new song, but the body shaming she’s endured over it is insane and uncalled for. Cardi B came to her defense after she broke down on an IG Live.

Johnny Depp says he feels he is being boycotted because his latest film, Minamata, has yet to be released in the United States, calling his fall from Hollywood graces as an “absurdity of media mathematics.” I mean, he’s about to be honoured by not one but two film festivals, but sure.

Alicia Silverstone re-created a classic scene from Clueless wit a different Christian — Christian Siriano.

Channing Tatum threw Sandra Bullock in a pool to celebrate production wrapping on The Lost City Of D (a movie I CANNOT WAIT to see).

Madonna celebrated her 63rd birthday by announcing a new partnership with Warner Music Group that will see her entire catalog reissued over the next few years.

Britney Spears isn’t the only celeb trapped in a conservatorship nightmare. Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols, who played Lt. Uhura in the original series, has been under conservatorship since 2018, since her only child filed a petition for it. It’s a 3-way fight, with her former manager and a concerned friend legally battling for what they believe are her best interests.

Chris Evans‘ new show on Middle Eastern politics seems really misguided and poorly timed.

-Stunt Coordinator Brett Chan talked about working on Netflix’s Iron Fist: “Everyone’s fighting and the main actor didn’t want to train, it’s like ‘Guys give me something to work with here.’ That’s why all the best sequences were with Jessica Henwick ’cause she trained 4 hours a day!’ ”

-I’m still in my feels from the first episode of Modern Love season 2. Minnie Driver made me bawl (and also wonder why she hasn’t been cast on a prestige drama yet).

-The xmas episode of Ted Lasso also made my heart grow three sizes.

-Also, the woman who plays Higgins’ wife in Ted Lasso is his wife IRL!

-Friends Michaela Coel and Cynthia Erivo were interviewed together for Vanity Fair, and Erivo tells a story about confronting a Broadway producer over the fact that they replaced her costar without warning her. “I go, ‘Why wouldn’t you tell me what’s going on?’ and he flies off the handle. Yells at me in the corridor, points at my face, says, ‘You don’t have the right to talk to me like this. You just do this show.’ And Michaela, this is after I’ve won the Tony.”

-Free Guy opened well ahead of expectations and grossed a healthy $28.4 million. (It wasn’t also available to stream immediately.)

-Meanwhile, Ryan Reynolds says Disney already confirmed they want a Free Guy sequel.

The Weeknd’s “Blinding Lights” broke the record for the longest-charting song ever on the Billboard Hot 100, sitting at 88 straight weeks.

-The Good Place creator Michael Schur is working on adapting Field of Dreams into a TV series for Peacock, which seems like a match made in heaven.

-Despite rumors she would follow Scarlett Johansson’s lead and sue Disney, Emma Stone has signed onto Cruella 2. I wonder if the sequel was part of an unofficial settlement package?

-The cast of The Goldbergs paid tribute to George Segal.

Michael Keaton and Stanley Tucci play lawyers fighting to compensate the families of 9/11 victims in the Worth trailer.