Shailene Woodley Reportedly Engaged to Aaron Rodgers

-NFLer’s Aaron Rodgers, who is rumoured to be dating Shailene Woodley, thanked his “fiancée” in an acceptance speech.

-What is happening with Armie Hammer? On Friday both his publicist and his agency dropped him, leading to lots of speculation that this was a pre-emptive move because something more (and much worse) is going to come out about him. A bunch of blinds posted by DeuxMoi also seem to suggest a big story is coming from a major outlet soon…

-Whatever surfaces, I hope it makes Bill Maher eat his words.

-Meanwhile, a reporter says Hammer recently apartment-shamed her over a Zoom interview.

-Rapper Mod Sun is not only dating Avril Lavigne  – he just got her name tattooed on his neck.

-It’s over for Ashley Benson and G-Eazy. They started dating right as the pandemic hit, so it’s actually amazing they made it this far.

-On the flip side, a source tells People that Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles “seem very serious” and “spend all their time together.”

Prince Harry was seen with James Corden shooting on a double decker bus reportedly for an upcoming episode of Carpool Karaoke.

-Meanwhile, Harry and Meghan Markle surprised a virtual poetry class.

Natalie Portman denied a tabloid’s bump watch rumours, telling them “do better.”

-Logistics nerds: this is a pretty good breakdown on how difficult it was to shoot the new season Top Chef during a pandemic.

The Weeknd made history as the first solo Canadian performer to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. It would have been better if we could actually hear him.

-The first Falcon and the Winter Soldier trailer dropped during the Super Bowl. It’s interesting that it’s coming smack in the middle of Marvel’s two more experimental new series (WandaVision and Loki), because this looks like a pretty conventional action show. (Unless they lean really heavily into the couples therapy bit and make it super character focused which I would LOVE but I’m not holding my breath.)

-This is a good interview with the WandaVision showrunner about how, despite all its twists and shiny gimmicks, they want to show Wanda as a whole person, not just an all-powerful plot device. He promises a “true emotional catharsis” is on the way.

-Just in time to fill the void left by To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before on Netflix, Amazon Prime has ordered a television adaptation of another Jenny Han novel series, The Summer I Turned Pretty. I really loved the first book in this series, thought the second was good, and disliked the third a lot.

-I’m doubtful Legends of Tomorrow will continue after its recently-announced seventh season — but if it does, Dominic Purcell won’t be on it.

-More than 14 major studios, networks, streamers and top filmmakers are pursuing screen rights to flight attendant-turned-author T.J. Newman‘s Falling, which is being described as Speed at 35,000 feet.

Lucas Hedges says of his relationship with Michelle Pfeiffer on the set of French Exit: “By the end of filming, I was consistently annoying the hell out of Michelle. I never shut up. I would say I was like a squirrel around Michelle. A squirrel with a lollipop. That’s how I would describe the energy.” (She seems pleasantly puzzled by this description.)

Jennifer Coolidge says she once posed as twins so she could date a guy and his best friend at the same time. My hero!

-The Framing Britney Spears doc (which we don’t get yet in Canada) created a lot of buzz this weekend, with even Sarah Jessica Parker tweeting #FreeBritney.  Apparently Justin Timberlake does NOT come off well. Also, in the doc a paparazzo recalls the infamous moment in 2007 in which Spears took an umbrella to his SUV after he had harassed her during an emotionally fraught night.

-This is a surprisingly affecting interview with Soleil Moon Frye on the Punky Brewster revival.

This thread on how Ted Lasso created a potential pathway forward for masculinity is a must read.

-The trailer for Fast & Furious 9 debuted at last year’s Super Bowl — and it’s still not out. So last night it got yet another Super Bowl trailer.

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