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June 9, 2020

Daniel Radcliffe Steps Up

-Following J.K. Rowling‘s tweets, Daniel Radcliffe spoke up to defend transgender women. This is very, very well done. He chose the Trevor Project as his platform instead of a media outlet, and he kept the attention on the issue instead of the person who made the comment. “If you found anything in these stories that resonated with you and helped you at any time in your life — then that is between you and the book that you read, and it is sacred” is such a good lesson for anyone who is disappointed by the creator of a work we adore.

-I find it really weird that Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are now trolling the paparazzi, but ok.

-The Hollywood cleanout continues. MTV’s The Challenge just fired competitor Dee Nguyen (who was expected to return for the next season) over her Black Lives Matter comments. Even more shocking — at least according to my Twitter TL cause I don’t know who they are — Vanderpump Rules fired Stassi Schroeder and Kristen Doute because they once called the cops on their black castmate.

-Publications are cleaning house too. I very much agree with Mo Ryan’s take on how this isn’t “cancel culture.”

-No, Alia Shawkat! You were doing so well! The Arrested Development actress (and maybe girlfriend of Brad Pitt) is “deeply sorry” after an old interview resurfaced in which she used the N-word when quoting a Drake song. On the plus side, this might be the first apology to include art.

-Also, Woody Harrelson briefly trended because people thought this guy looked like him. Keep the faith; Woody is still awesome.

Brad Pitt was at a protest this weekendand it seems like the only reason he was recognized is by his super rare motorcycle.

Keke Palmer penned a column for Variety about the protests and the need for justice.

-Author Emily Giffin is realizing that she should probably keep Meghan Markle’s nameout of her mouth.

-Speaking of authors, Rachel Hollis just announced on Instagram that she’s splitting from her husband.

-I love this piece on how the simplicity of Christine and the Queens‘ “People, I’ve Been Sad” is a huge part of why it’s become the song of quarantine. That performance of it on Colbert gave me CHILLS.

-Another day, another story about Lea Michele being a monster. This one recounts the time she allegedly stormed out of a L’Oréal campaign shoot.

Katy Perry says that Harry Styles was “a complete gentleman” when she told him she was pregnant and offered to give up his airplane seat. He’s a good egg, that one.

-These reports that Batwoman is planning on killing off Ruby Rose’s character seem really sketchy to me. Auditions use fake sides all the time. Plus, no matter how acrimonious the split between the actor and the show was, I hope the CW recognizes the optics of killing off their first ever main lesbian character.

-The trailer for Bill & Ted Face the Music has arrived. It’s from the director of Galaxy Quest! God, we need this right now.