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April 24, 2020

Taylor Swift’s Record Label Battle Continues

Taylor Swift’s feud with former label Big Machine Records and Scooter Braun just took another turn as a new live album that she didn’t authorize is set to hit streaming services. She’s deemed it a “tasteless cash grab.”

-I don’t think Ben Affleck is wearing his mask correctly.

-All the dancing clips from last night’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s season finale makes me think it’s one of those shows I should catch up on.

Chris Bosh, Candice Parker, DJ D-Nice, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade did an update on Budweiser’s infamous “wassup?” ad.

-The cast of Parks & Rec is reuniting for a one-time SCRIPTED reunion recorded remotely at the casts’ homes and airing on NBC next week. I cannot wait!

-Do we think Kate Middleton was the one approving this image? ‘Cause she’s the only one who looks good in it.

-Maybe self-isolation is finally getting to me but I found this New Kids on the Block video *delightful*.

Angelina Jolie joined the editor of Time to video chat about the lasting effects of the pandemic on women and children.

Schitt’s Creek will be part of Canada’s Stronger Together special, which is airing Saturday night and will feature Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Ryan Reynolds, Amy Poehler, Jann Arden, Jason Priestley, Margaret Atwood, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan, Shania Twain, Tessa Virtue, Will Arnett and more.

-Speaking of Michael Bublé, Twitter is in full investigation mode whenever he and his wife post IG videos following the one where he grabbed her kind of roughly. On their latest live IG chat, a user asked her in Spanish to touch her hair if she needed help and she did. Which doesn’t necessarily mean anything but the conspiracy theories keep growing.

-The Friday Night Lights cast reunited to watch the pilot episode together.

-The co-creator of Will & Grace basically confirmed that there was tension among the cast during the revival’s filming, but wouldn’t get into details, telling EW: “We just keep you guys out of whatever happened on the set this year because it would have done nothing but get in the way of the stories that we wanted to tell…It was not an easy year, but the permanent legacy of the show is much more important to us than any temporary squabble that would take place on the stage.”

Elle Fanning is ready to save Russia — even if it means killing her husband (Nicholas Hoult) — in the trailer for Hulu’s The Great.