Lizzo Gets Charitable


Lizzo Marie Claire Brazil

Lizzo covers Marie Claire Brasil, and also just selected several hospitals across the US to send hundreds of meals to healthcare workers.

Emma Watson talked to Sex and World Peace author Valerie Hudson in Teen Vogue, and the actress says she’s become fascinated by kink culture “because they are the best communicators ever. They know all about consent. They smash that stuff because they really have to get it — but we could all use those models; they’re actually really helpful models.”

-A photographer released a peek at a recent photo shoot he did with Jake Gyllenhaal. Bless him.

Justin Timberlake and Anna Kendrick defended Billie Eilish during an appearance on Radio 1, when a caller said he didn’t understand her hype.

-Us Weekly claims that Ana de Armas is keeping her distance from Ben Affleck’s kids for now, as requested by Jennifer Garner.

Judi Dench‘s grandson made some cute TikTok videos with her, in which he tries to tell her jokes and she keeps guessing the punchlines.

Angelina Jolie is helping children learn more about the coronavirus crisis in a new BBC My World special.

-Schitt’s Creek star Emily Hampshire has launched a YouTube show featuring interviews with actors about how they’re coping with the crisis. The first episode featured Queer Eye’s Bobby Berk, actress Sophia Bush, Olympic medalist Adam Rippon and her Schitt’s co-star Annie Murphy.

Tom Holland joined Justin Bieber‘s IG Live last night to talk about reality shows and how they’re self-isolating.

-Meanwhile, Sophie Turner says she’s handling social distancing well. “I’m an introvert, I’m a homebody. If I could stay at home all day I would, so this is great for me. I leave my house like once a day anyway to walk my dogs and then that’s it.

-The coronavirus is messing up the TV world in ways no one saw coming. Empire didn’t finish its final two episodes before production shut down, so it’s not getting a proper series finale. Meanwhile, the nearly 20 shows that shoot in Vancouver may need to start their next seasons late because production likely won’t be back in late June/early July like it usually is.

-The fact that Comic-Con organizers still seem to think it’s going to happen in July is wildly optimistic.

Zach Braff and Donald Faison are doing a Scrubs podcast.

-I’m glad that Phoebe Waller-Bridge‘s new HBO show Run, starring Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson, seems to be getting good reviews.

Love Wedding Repeat is exactly the kind of fluffy content I need from Netflix right now!


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