Liv Tyler Gets Kooky for Architectural Digest

This video of Liv Tyler for Architectural Digest is getting a lot of play because it’s so ridiculous. Someone on Twitter said they were getting Moira from Schitt’s Creek vibes and now that’s all I can see.

Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron are at the ‘going to funerals together‘ stage of their relationship.

Kelly Clarkson tried to bounce a basketball off her butt like Normani did in her music video. It did not go well.

Shawn Mendes is so very charming while shooting a Tim Horton’s commercial.

-I’m really glad The Good Place is ending because I want it to go out strong and on its own terms, but this featurette on shooting the final episode gave me the sads.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes: still together, still ridiculously hot.

Amber Heard has filed new court papers arguing for the dismissal of her ex-husband Johnny Depp‘s defamation suit.

-This is an interesting article from a TV critic who cut cable. I think it’s easier in the States where they have Hulu, but still worth checking out.

-Look at my cute Turkish leading man Can Yaman accepting his E!Online award in English. Swoon.

Jeremy Renner’s digital presence remains a mystery.

Lil Nas X and Euphoria’s Hunter Schafter are a Gen Z dream duo.

Adam Devine plays a dude who becomes controlled by his phone (voiced by Rose Byrne) in the Jexi trailer.


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