Sorry, But Idris Elba Just Got Married

Idris Elba married model Sabrina Dhowre this weekend in a gorg Moroccan wedding . Look, I know we’re all in mourning but at least she’s Canadian. Go, home team!

-Better late than never: Megan Fox filed court papers to dismiss her divorce petition from husband Brian Austin Green. She originally filed for divorce in 2015 but they reconciled and had another kid the following year.

-I’m kind of fascinated by how Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ended up writing for the Veronica Mars revival.

-People are really, really upset by how hard last night’s Game of Thrones episode was to actually make out. (I think it was less about the DP lighting scenes poorly, and more a combination of weird, choppy editing and the limits of video compression algorithms and TV technology.) My babies Jamie and Brienne were out there fighting back to back Mr & Mrs Smith-style, so I was happy. I do think that transitioning to Cersei as the big bad might be rough though.

Maisie Williams‘ boyfriend didn’t care much for Arya’s big moment last night and look I don’t want to judge her personal life, but maybe she can do better.

-Meanwhile, this Twitter exchange between T Pain and the guy who plays Gendry is great.

-I liked this articleon how Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones made this weekend feel like a series finale for geek pop culture.

Halle Berrybroke three ribswhile shooting the new John Wick movie — but was so into it she didn’t notice at first.

Jennifer Lopez let her twins interview herfor a YouTube video.

Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba‘s new show L.A.’s Finest isn’t getting great reviews, but this is a really interesting article about how both stars (who are also producers) and director Lexi Alexanderhad trouble getting respect from male crew members on set.

-Ohhh…Holly Hunter might be in the new season of Succession.

The Simpsons aired a Canada-centric episode last night complete with “Newfie” and seal-clubbing jokes. Ugh.

-Avengers: Endgame snapped every record, crossing $1 billion in its first weekend at the global box office. It also broke records in Canada with a $28.9M bow, beating best opening weekend record previously held by Infinity War.

-Terrible news: Boyz N the Hood director John Singleton‘s family said they’re taking him off life supporttoday after he suffered a stroke almost two weeks ago.

Matthew Glave and Emily Bett Rickards star in the trailer for Funny Story about a guy who has a one-night stand — and later realizes it was with his daughter’s fiancée. Oopsie!

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