Julianne Moore Learned How To Sing Opera For Her New Movie

JJulianne Moore Town Country Cover 

-I don’t know why Town & Country chose this odd shot of Julianne Moore (who is always stunning) for their cover. In the interview, she talks about getting a vocal coach to play an opera singer in Bel Canto, and trying to mix up her roles. “Oddly, a lot of my roles get clumped together. There was a series of 1950s housewives that were all thrown at me at the same time. Or you do a bunch of funny things all at once. My daughter recently asked me about a project, ‘Do you die again, Mom? I feel like you always die.'”

-If you read anything today, read Designing Women creator Linda Bloodworth Thomason‘s takedown of Les Moonves in the Hollywood Reporter. She says he derailed her career for seven years and refused to make any more of her shows featuring strong women (she claims he had hated Designing Women and their “loud-mouthed speeches.”) “People asked me for years, ‘Where have you been? What happened to you?’ Les Moonves happened to me.” She also says he forcibly kissed a famous actress of an “iconic detective show” after telling her she was too old to be on his network, which has led to a lot of speculation that she’s talking about Angela Lansbury or Sharon Gless.

-Today’s Hollywood Reporter was all about spilling tea. Blackish creator Kenya Barris broke his silence on the shelved anti-Trump episode that led to his ABC exit, his clashes with Disney exec Ben Sherwood, the “monster” Roseanne, and the anxiety of high expectations with his massive Netflix deal.

-Also from THR, the set of American Gods sounds like a disaster. They changed showrunners and now the new guy is being “sidelined” but they won’t actually say he’s fired because “the show’s studio would rather exile Alexander than endure the negative attention that would come with dismissing a second showrunner in two seasons.” Also, this is WILD: “Actors have been rewriting script pages…After some actors, including star Ian McShane, began taking passes at improving dialogue, the production was forced to enlist co-star Orlando Jones as a writer on the series so a member of the WGA would be credited with writing instead of having actors violating guild rules.”

-After five days of silence, Olivia Munn‘s Predator co-star Boyd Holbrook released a statement in support of her.

-Meanwhile, on Ellen yesterday Munn said she was “chastised” by the studiofor not keeping quiet.

-I really liked this defense of season 6 of Buffy (which a lot of people call “season sucks”). I remember it being a bummer to watch — and I never fully forgave the writers for what they did to Spike — but in hindsight it had some amazing episodes.

-On Tuesday, Norm Macdonald was scheduled to make an appearance on NBC’s Tonight Show but his visit was cancelled in the wake of his garbage fire of an interview. (Jimmy Fallon reportedly told him that senior producers were “crying” over his potential appearance.) Macdonald has since tried to walk back his comments — IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY, telling Howard Stern, “you’d have to have Down syndrome to not feel sorry” for victims of sexual harassment.” Cripes, is everything out of this guy’s mouth trash? (I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by this from the guy who once threatened to walk away from SNL’s Weekend Update if they made him do it .)

-This Steve McQueen interview in which he was told not to cast Michelle Rodriguez in Widows because she was “difficult” is illuminating. “But people say that about me. If you’re a white director, they call you a perfectionist. Me, they call difficult.”

-Speaking of the Widows cast, Viola Davis was if she ever passed on a role and regretted it and she answered, “Almost a better question is, have I ever done roles that I’ve regretted? I have, and ‘The Help’ is on that list.” Ava DuVernay backed her up by tweeting, “The Help was the last film I worked on as a publicist. I quit PR. That film pushed me to make my own – for the reasons Viola states.”

-Green Book starring Viggo Mortensen and Mahershala Ali is shaping up to be the surprise hit of TIFF.

-A campaign to get Ryan Gosling to visit a Toronto café during TIFF finally won him over.

Paul McCartney says he masturbated with John Lennon: “It was good harmless fun”. Ok then.

-The DC cinematic universe appears to be losing its Man of Steel. Henry Cavill, who has played Superman in three films, is parting ways with Warner Bros, according to sources. Michael B. Jordan is among the actors reportedly being considered to take over the role, but first DC is focusing on bringing Supergirl to the big screen.

-I didn’t dislike Sierra Burgess Is a Loser as much as others (I think they made some smart, unexpected choices like having the mean girl’s mom be played by Chrissy Metz, and giving the love interest a deaf brother) but I agree that kissing scene was grossly flippant about consent.

-Netflix acquired Dumplin‘, a dramatic comedy based on a YA book starring Jennifer Aniston with a soundtrack by Dolly Parton.

The Coen brothers’ first Netflix project, Ballad of Buster Scruggs, features James Franco and Tim Blake Nelson in a tale about cowboys and their misfit adventures.

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