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August 28, 2018

Christina Aguilera Talks Britney Spears, Dating

Christina Aguilera Cosmo Cover 

-In her Cosmo cover story, Christina Aguilera talks about being pitted against Britney Spears at the height of their careers, and not wanting to date another famous person (“There’s gotta be something wrong with you if you want to be in this business. I mean, ‘Hi! I definitely have my issues.’ I think that I can only handle one [celebrity] in the relationship and I need to be it.”)

Louis CK took the stage for a surprise set at New York’s Comedy Cellar on Saturday night, just 10 months after admitting to exposing himself to female employees and colleagues. He didn’t mention his past sexual assaults (hey, headline writers – you can drop the word “alleged” if he actually admitted it), and before he even started he got a standing ovation. So his whole thing about taking some time and learning from his experience was just hooey? He could have done any of these things; instead he ignored the issue while testing the waters for a comeback. What about all the women he admitted to assaulting; how are *their* careers?  (I don’t know why this surprises me. I defended a woman who tweeted about Chris Hardwick today, and now my mentions are a tire fire.)

-Not a lot of male comedians have spoken up against Louis CK, so this thread by Paul F Tompkins is refreshing.

-On the other end of the male comedian spectrum is Michael Ian Black (though the many well-articulated replies to his tweet are worth a read).

Aziz Ansari has also quietly returned to standup. (Interestingly, Vulture had a full rundown of his show and then basically pulled the article because they did not want to “spoil the integrity of his act.” Here’s the cached version.)

-Because this day just keeps getting better, Johnny Depp scored a big win in his lawsuit against his ex-lawyer.

-Hey, remember a couple of years ago when Stephen Amell apologized for the tweet he made about Ahmed Mohamed (the Muslim kid who brought a clock to school in Texas). He just did a podcast where he says he wished he hadn’t apologized after all. So there.

-In non-Hollywood Men Are All Garbage news, Matt Smith is going to be in Star Wars Episode IX.

-I adore everything about Janet Jackson’s look here.

-I’m planning to see a bunch of these fall festival films that are getting buzz— but not Beautiful Boy. The Steve Carell film basically sold out instantly at TIFF, which means it’s probably very Oscar-baity.

-The new new Bad Times at the El Royale trailer is very focused on Chris Hemsworth‘s abs, and suddenly I want to see it.

Elizabeth Olsen and Kelly Marie Tran deal with grief in the Sorry For Your Loss trailer, which is coming to Facebook Watch. (Show of hands: who actually knows what that means?)