Celebs Read Texts From Mom

-On Jimmy Kimmel last night celebrities read texts from their moms in honour of Mother’s Day — a cleaner, family-friendly version of mean tweets. I think I like this even better.

-Why yes, I WOULD like to watch the royal wedding’s live coverage with Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell.

-I really liked the Washington Post’s piece on Lainey and how celebrity news is met with contempt because it’s a feminized space.

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Ellen DeGeneres went to dinner together and tried to stay under the radar — by going to the hottest spot in LA.

-God, I adore the fact that Jessica Chastain‘s lady spy movie, which she thought up after seeing all the lack of female-fronted films at last year’s Cannes, is now in the middle of a bidding war.

Bella Hadid and the Weeknd were spotted kissing in Cannes, so I guess they’re a thing again.

-I want to marry Cate Blanchett’s Cannes dress and have little dress babies with it. It’s that good.

-Wow, the outrage over Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s cancellation is intense. Last night the cop comedy was the No. 1 trending topic on Twitter, going head-to-head with the biggest TV event in the world, Eurovision. A bunch of famous people tweeted about it, including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Sean Astin, Guillermo Del Toro, James Corden and Mark Hamill.  On the plus side, apparently producers are fielding multiple incoming calls to save the series. Among them: Hulu, NBC, and TBS. (Netflix has already passed.)

-UPDATE: in the wee hours of Friday night, NBC swooped in to save BB9! This makes a lot of sense; they own the show and creator Mike Schur has been good for them (he will now have 3 sitcoms on air at NBC next year). I think there’s going to be a point when we’ll have to examine how networks are increasingly allowing fans to feel like a show’s renewal is dependent on them doing all the heavy lifting on social media, but for today I’m just happy to see so much happiness on my timeline.

-Instead of sticking with BB9, Fox officially ordered revival of Tim Allen‘s cancelled sitcom Last Man Standing as network TV continues to make a big push for multicamera comedies (and Trump voter bait). Also, Allen’s narrative of why it was originally cancelled at ABC is a hella revisionist.

-Other shows that got canned today: Lucifer, The Exorcist, The Brave, Designated Survivor, Quantico, Taken andGreat News. And the CW is not going ahead with its Supernatural spinoff, which is surprising seeing as how well the original still does for them.

-On the plus side, Speechless and Fresh Off The Boat were saved, as was iZombie (thank god!). The CW also picked up the Roswell and Charmed reboots

-I’m from the east coast and I had no idea that ‘newfie’ was considered a derogatory term. Anthony Bourdain found out the hard way.

Sarah Drew live-tweeted her final Grey’s Anatomy episode and — yikes.

Donald Glover followed Billy Dee Williams‘ advice to “just be charming” when playing Lando.

-Yes, Donald Glover and Kanye West have a lot in common, but I really like this take on it. “The popular desire to appoint Glover as Kanye’s successor botches the lesson that fans might ideally learn from the latter artist’s fall from grace.”

-Speaking of good Donald Glover think pieces, I liked this article on what it’s like to watch him grapple with the relief and responsibility of black collectivity.

-Oh no. Scott Hutchison, the frontman of Scottish band Frightened Rabbit, has been found dead.

Ally Sheedy writes about her experiences with Hollywood sexism in this excerpt from a new collection of essays.

-The new season four Arrested Development edit seems as if it’s in direct response to its widespread poor reception. Even if it fixes everything, I still can’t sit through that again.

-All of the trailers for The Spy Who Dumped Meare really working for me. Mila Kunis‘s mid-career turn as the lead of raunchy lady comedies is pretty genius.

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