Proof That George Clooney Was Always Awesome

Julianna Whelan‘s story about George Clooney on the set of ER is everything.

-If Roxane Gay ends up writing the Batgirl movie because of Twitter, I’ll stop complaining that it doesn’t have an edit button.

-The Hollywood Foreign Press Association is reportedly investigating Brendan Fraser’s claims that the former president sexually assaulted him.

-Here’s a explainer about why we’re all in love with Michael B Jordan right now. (Personally, the pushup challenge is doing it for me. Anime helps, too.)

-Speaking of the Black Panther cast, I don’t know how I missed this video of Letitia Wright and Lupita Nyong’o rapping, but I love it!

-Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski just married a guy she’s been dating for a couple of weeks. That’ll go well.

-I woke up to a lot of tweets about how Janelle Monae “did the damn thing” with her new music video, in which she answers all those rumours about her bisexuality with a big YUP!

-I’m glad that Dominic West is being vocal about how Ruth Wilson, his costar on The Affair, should be getting paid more than him.

-I always forget that Bradley Cooper has a kid now.

-This makes me want to listen to Taika Waititi’s director’s commentary on the Thor: Ragnorok DVD.  “It’s like a MST3K episode, only with the director making fun of his own hit movie.”

-There’s so much new TV coming up in the next couple of weeks, it feels like fall used to. On Monday we get iZombie, UnReal (which is reportedly better than last season, but still messy), and Good Girls (which is getting good reviews). Atlanta is back on Thursday, and The Good Fight returns March 18.

-Speaking of new TV, I have a feeling I will be binging a lot of David Chang’s new food show on Netflix this weekend.

Jared Leto is doing a Yakuza movie, for some reason.

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