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December 12, 2017

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Earns Rave Reviews

Star Wars The Last Jedi
Lucas Films Ltd/Disney

-Holy moly, are critics ever loving on Star Wars: The Last Jedi!

-Didn’t we already know that Dakota Johnson and are dating?

-A funny thing is happening to Today now that Matt Lauer is gone: Its ratings are going up.

-An actress has added to the accusations against Mario Batali. He was also repeatedly mentioned in the NYT’s report of sexual misconduct allegations at The Spotted Pig, including a tidbit about someone having to intervene because they saw on the security camera that Batali was kissing an unconscious woman. “We called him the Red Menace,” said a former server. “He tried to touch my breasts and told me that they were beautiful. He wanted to wrestle. As I was serving drinks to his table, he told me I should sit on his friend’s face.”

Larry King is “flatly and unequivocally” denying a groping allegation.

-Even though it doesn’t drop until Dec. 29, Black Mirror is landing on a lot of critics’ Best of 2017 lists (’cause they’ve already seen it).

George Clooney told Jimmy Kimmel he’d take on a moose as a pet because “it’s a mobile coat rack”.

-I love that the girl who plays Felicity on Arrow tried to keep her job at a dog grooming place for the entire first season of the show.  Dogs *are* very cute.

-The Punisher has been renewed for season 2 on Netflix. I really liked what I saw, but it also feels like the finale really wrapped up his emotional journey. (Of course, you could say the same thing about Jessica Jones and I can’t wait for that one’s return…)

-I love that Netflix had to go on the defensive over their big brother fan-shaming tweet about The Christmas Prince.

-I’m a big fan of Gina Rodriguez — and I’m an even bigger fan of this dress.

Will Smith falls into a war over a wand in Netflix’s Bright trailer. Man, this this looks like a mess.