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November 24, 2017

Rihanna Is A Triple Threat On Vogue Paris


Rihanna is so fab, she warrants not just one Vogue Paris cover, but three.

-Everyone’s talking about Kate Middleton’s baby bump. I don’t see it.

Thom Yorke from Radiohead interviewed Benedict Cumberbatch, who admits to crying on the toilet. We’ve all been there, buddy.

Emma Watson and boyfriend William ‘Mack’ Knight have split. She’s in Paris now though, so she’s doing just fine.

-As per usual, the stars went all out for their Thanksgiving feasts.

-Much like the rest of us, celebrities can’t wait for Uma Thurman to unload.

-The spotlight on Netflix’s disturbing sexual-assault hypocrisy is getting hotter. Kevin Spacey got pushed out quickly, but Danny Masterson being under investigation for raping four women isn’t enough?

-Bookies aren’t even taking bets anymore on the Prince Harry/Meghan Markle engagement because it’s such a sure bet. We’re talking days, not weeks.

Willow Smith says that growing up famous is “excruciatingly terrible.” Um, ok.

-Arrow’s Katie Cassidy opened up about the passing of her father, David.

Al Franken apologized again as more sexual misconduct allegations emerge.

Ryan Phillippe has decided that maybe suing his ex-girlfriend for defamation would be a bad look after all.

Rachel Weisz and Colin Firth race around the world in the Mercy trailer.