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November 3, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence Interviewed Kim Kardashian and It Was Delightful

Jennifer Lawrence filled in for Jimmy Kimmel last night and interviewed Kim Kardashian — and it was actually pretty great. “Do you and Kanye fart in front of each other” and “If you could save the world, who would you rather sleep with: Donald Trump or Kim Jong-un?” is quality content.

-In another segment, Jennifer Lawrence asked random people on the street to name five of her movies, with hilarious result. Think about it — it’s hard

-NYC police say they have a credible rape allegation against Harvey Weinstein and are gathering evidence for possible arrest.

-Eight House of Cards staffers have spoken to CNN and recounted Kevin Spacey‘s alleged pattern of sexual harassment on the show’s set.

-WME’s Adam Venit is on leave amid sexual harassment allegations involving actor Terry Crews. His extensive client list includes Dustin Hoffman, Brett Ratner, and Casey Affleck so…yeah.

-I’ll always read whatever @ira writes, but his profile on Thor: Ragnarok’s director Taika Waititi is especially good.

-Westworld’s season 2 production has been halted after recurring star Zahn McClarnon was hospitalized in the ICU with a brain injury after a fall at home.

-Speaking of halted production, Jimmy Fallon‘s taping today was cancelled due to a family emergency.

-Meanwhile, last night Fallon and the kids from Stranger Things went to the Upside Down for a dance battle.

Mila Kunis revealed she makes as donation to Planned Parenthood each month in Mike Pence‘s name.

-Terrible: the guy who played Felix on Veronica Mars has died after apparently jumping off a building.

Diane Kruger doesn’t even look like herself on the cover of Vogue Germany.

-Alec Baldwin and his wife are expecting their 4th kid.

-Wonder Woman just took the title of highest grossing superhero origin story.

-The Thor: Ragnarok cast performed a live version of the movie for James Corden.

Michael Shannon and Judy Greer are in a holiday holiday Bigfoot movie? Ok.