JLo and ARod Cover Vanity Fair

Jennifer Lopez ARod Vanity Fair

Jennifer Lopez and A-Rod are on the cover of Vanity Fair for … reasons? I can’t quite figure it out but at least the photos are great and seem really focused on her butt.

-Netflix just announced that they’ve suspended House of Cards production in the wake of Kevin Spacey sexual-assault allegations. I’m glad they’re responding quickly but I would much rather see them just kill off his character and let his costars and crew finish the final season.

-Meanwhile, Hollywood took to Twitter to sound off over Kevin Spacey‘s weak response to allegations that he once  sexually assaulted a 14-yr-old boy.

Andy Dick has been fired from a movie over claims of sexual harassment and misconduct on set. His oh-so-gross response?  “I might have kissed somebody on the cheek to say goodbye and then licked them. That’s my thing.” This guy has a long history of creepiness.

-Everyone was freaked out by Adam Sandler repeated touching Claire Foy‘s knee on The Graham Norton Show (I love Emma Thompson‘s face during it) but Foy says it was NBD.

Wendy Williams says she’s “home and hydrating” after passing out live on air.

Tiffany Haddish from Girls Trip is going to host SNL and I can’t wait.

-I’m almost done Stranger Things and my two biggest revelations of the season: I suddenly love Steve, and Hopper can get it. It helps that the guy who plays Hopper basically runs his Instagram feed like it’s a stan account.

Bette Midler has strong feelings about a Hocus Pocus TV reboot. She’s not wrong.

-Here’s the first teaser for the upcoming Chance the Rapper horror movie Slice.

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