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October 25, 2017

George Clooney on Weinstein: “I Want to Know Who Knew”

-Hmmm. George Clooney seems to be putting the onus on the media for not exposing the Harvey Weinstein scandal, not on the closed and protective Hollywood system. He told the Today Show, “Whoever had that story and didn’t write it should be held responsible. I want to know what kind of ad dollars were spent from the Weinstein Company and from Miramax. Because we should’ve known this.”

-Another of Gloria Allred’s clients held a press conference to accuse Weinstein of sexual assault and rape.

Anna Faris is the latest actress to share a story about being sexually harassed by a male director.

-A former actress broke her confidentiality agreement to claim that Val Kilmer punched her in the face and shoved her to the ground her during Doors audition.

-Speaking of powerful men who appear to be abusing their position, Rolling Stone published a horrifying new account of a woman who dated R Kelly.

-Um, the star of Outlander and the writers of Outlander should probably not be arguing about creative differences regarding the show on Twitter.

-Despite a restraining order, Tyrese admits to flying a banner over his 10-year-old daughter’s school that says “No matter what, daddy loves you Shayla.”  Yeah, that’s not going to mess her up at all.

-If someone gave me a $10 million ring, I’d probably keep wearing it too.

-Another Halloween, another ridiculous costume for Colton Haynes. This has basically turned into his annual excuse to wear ridiculous fake boobs. At least he stopped doing blackface…

-I’ll give it to Blake Lively — her birthday post to Ryan Reynolds was pretty great.

Emma Stone is reportedly dating an SNL director. He’s the third staffer to be linked to an A-lister recently. That job is better than Tinder!

-This is a bullshit tweet from Vulture. I love Carrie Coon but I’d bet more people watched Fringe than The Leftovers and Fargo combined.

Bobby Flay reportedly quit Iron Chef in the most obnoxious way possible.

-I wrote a piece about this fall TV season’s winners and losers.

-I stopped watching The Walking Dead because, well, it’s terrible, but I’ll still read PTV’s epic recap of the premiere because it’s in old-school Television Without Pity style! God, I miss that site.

Liam Neeson is through playing games in the new trailer for The Commuter.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton star in Netflix’s original movie Bright. This thing looks beyond terrible.