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October 20, 2017

WB Pulls The Plug on Justice League Junket

-There were a lot of eyes on the upcoming Justice League press junket. Would publicity try to put questions about Weinstein/Affleck‘s conduct on the banned list? Would journalists obey? Looks like we might not get to find out — the WB just cancelled the US junket. Well, that’s one way to get around it, I guess. It’s all up to you now, London journalists!

Lupita Nyong’o is the latest actress to come forward with her own experiences about Harvey Weinstein‘s advances.

-Now that Quentin Tarantino has broken his silence about Weinstein, what matters most is what he does next. Kevin Smith is donating his Weinstein residuals to Women In Film. Channing Tatum halted a movie he was set to direct and produce at Weinstein’s company. These are more than just statements about how men in Hollywood need to do better; these guys are putting money on the line. Will Tarantino?

-Meanwhile, Weinstein is reportedly spending his time in sex rehab falling asleep in group therapy and telling anyone who will listen that there’s a conspiracy against him.

-Hollywood is crumbling — even the animation world. Nickelodeon has fired Chris Savino following reports of harassment.

-Stranger Things lead kid Finn Wolfhard is leaving his talent agency after sexual-assault allegations against his agent.

-I can’t figure out whose camp planted this story about Robert Pattinson wanting FKA twigs back because “that’s the girl he wants to marry.” I’m embarrassed for both of them.

Lena Dunham‘s interview with Gabrielle Union is pretty great (mostly because Gabrielle Union is always pretty great).

-Jessica Jones star Krysten Ritter wrote a book? And there’s a trailer for it?

Adam Scott and Ben Schwartz are here to shoot down all your Parks and Rec fan theories.

-This is a great NYT profile on Taika Waititi, the quirky New Zealand director who is shaking up Marvel with the new Thor movie. I still can’t believe the guy who danced as Micheal Jackson in Boy is taking over Hollywood…

Scarlett Johansson organized a Hurricane Maria fundraising event with her Avengers co-stars.

Pink revealed that Christina Aguilera once took a swing at her in a club.  “I’m an alpha and she’s an alpha…women have to learn how to support each other; it’s not taught on the playground.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is documenting her chemo journey.

Jay Leno paid tribute to David Letterman, talking about their rivalry and the practical jokes they would play on each other. “Even when he was mean to me, it was funny.”

-The reviews for Michael Fassbender‘s The Snowman are hilariously mean.

Chris Hemsworth revisits Sept 11th in the 12 Strong trailer.