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October 17, 2017

Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Lawrence, Kristen Stewart Come Forward with Harassment Stories

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-Last night the Elle Magazine Women in Entertainment event was held in Los Angeles, and actresses didn’t hold anything back. Reese Witherspoon revealed she was sexually assaulted by a director at 16. Jennifer Lawrence told a harrowing story about being put in a nude lineup.  And Kristen Stewart (god, I love her) reminded everyone to protect the below-the-line females on sets, saying “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve saved makeup artists — because it trickled down, too — and camera assistants from DPs who are like, ‘woo woo.’… And when I say saved, I mean momentarily been like, “Don’t, fucker!” And they are embarrassed for one second but it just keeps going every single day. So I’d say let’s be aware of this on every level. Those girls are as duct-taped as one could possibly be because they are in fear of getting their next job, as every is actress, too, same deal.”

-In an essay for the New Yorker, Molly Ringwald recalled years of harassment when she was a teen star. “When I was thirteen, a fifty-year-old crew member told me that he would teach me to dance, and then proceeded to push against me with an erection. At fourteen, a married film director stuck his tongue in my mouth on set.” She also seems to call out Dreamworks chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg.

-Game of Thrones star Lena Headey  took to Twitter to talk about her experience with Harvey Weinstein, and also recalled being subjected to “endless bullying by the director Terry Gilliam.”  The floodgates are open, y’all!

Mayim Bialik clarified her comments about sexual assault after being accused of victim blaming. In the words for @ira: keep it.

-And now Bob Weinstein is also being accused of sexual harassment.

Sophie Turner‘s engagement ring costs over $25,000? But…it’s pear shaped!

Blake Lively‘s menswear outfit is ridiculous and I love it.

-The royal countdown has officially begun! Kate Middleton and Prince William announced that their third child is due in April 2018.

Christian Bale says Heath Ledger wanted him to hit him for real during the Dark Knight’s interrogation scene.

Bryan Cranston looks great on the cover of Esquire.

-Netflix’s price keeps creeping up along with its subscriber numbers. Is it going to be worth it much longer?

-The reason the price keeps rising? They are planning 80 movies next year. (For context: this quarter they’re only doing 8.)

-I kind of got out of The Flash, but this clip makes it look like it’s going back to its funny roots. Finally!

-Oh, but the CW superhero shows are going to turn their heroes into Nazis. Cause people really responded so well when that happened to Captain America?!

-Meanwhile, Netflix revealed that Gilmore Girls was their fasted-watched original series. Yes, I remember that weekend of disappointment well…

-I really enjoyed this article on the art of the TV series finale.

-The trailer for the next season of UnReal actually looks pretty great. It helps that it doesn’t return until February, which gives us lots of time to forget how bad that last season was.