Gwyneth Paltrow Is Back On the Avengers Set

-Apparently there was some debate about whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow would be in the next Avengers movie but here she is on set so I guess she’s still in. I’m glad; I like Pepper Potts.

Mel B threw water on Simon Cowell and walked off the America’s Got Talent set after he made quip about her marriage.

Taylor Swift is here to save the world. She announced a new album, coming out on Nov 10, and her first single drops tomorrow. This is brilliant (if accidental?) timing on her part; she disappeared long enough for us to miss her, and then returns to the music scene on the heels of her triumphant court appearance.

-The Clooneys made a $1 million donation to fight hate groups, with George saying “Amal & I wanted to add our voice (and financial assistance) to the ongoing fight for equality.” Putting that tequila bank to good use!

-I love Variety’s annual roundup of TV salaries, mostly because it’s always so shocking. Also, pay Donald Glover more, Hollywood!

-I don’t understand how a guy who was paid a million dollars per episode for his sitcom for YEARS feels like he can’t retire.

Chris Hemsworth uses his Photoshop skills for good, not evil.

-Did Scarlett Johansson get a giant back tattoo (or, as I like to call it, pull a Ben Affleck)?

Sarah Paulson freaks out about Trump in the first American Horror Story: Cult trailer. Same, girl.

-Oh god, no! Deadline reports that Warner Bros. is setting the course for a Joker origin story from The Hangover’s Todd Phillips. Whyyyyy????

Tig Notaro did a pretty blunt interview about Louis C.K., urging him to finally address rumours of sexual harassment, and saying that despite his executive-producer credit on her Amazon show One Mississippi, he has “never been involved” and has “nothing to do with the show.”

Amy Schumer asked Netflix for more money after seeing headlines about Chris Rock‘s and Dave Chappelle’s deals. I’m not always her biggest fan, but good for her. She is without a doubt the most famous female comedian working right now, so she should be playing in the big leagues.

Kevin Hart gives so little f’s about his ex-wife’s cheating allegations that he filmed himself laughing it off on Instagram. As Lainey pointed it out, his current wife is creating more drama than the ex, which is odd.

-Buzzfeed interviewed a woman who says she had a sexual relationship with R. Kelly when she was 15 and then received payouts to keep quiet.

-Here’s another great great article on how GoT is ruining the Sansa/Arya dynamic. I’m glad I’m not the only one pissed at this.

-At least the actresses do really great Ned Stark impressions.

-This is an excellent, excellent thread on why Hollywood continues to whitewash Asian roles.

Angelina Jolie took her kids to Target on Saturday to get them hot dogs. But Target doesn’t do hot dogs. Good try at being a norm, tho!

Ian Somerhalder lied to us about his month of silence, and now we’re all suffering.

Adam Scott’s stepson might be the spawn of the devil in the Little Evil trailer. Evangeline Lilly and Donald Faison also star. Is it supposed to be funny? It looks funny! “What good thing has ever happened in a corn field?!”

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