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August 18, 2017

Tina Fey’s Sheetcaking Skit Stirs Controversy

Tina Fey appeared on the Weekend Update special last night and urged people to ignore the neo-Nazis, stay safe inside and eat some sheetcake. The reactions to it were swift and judge-y. Personally I didn’t love it either, but then again I tend to sideeye some of her race-based comedy bits to begin with. I usually LOVE Fey (I’ve re-read Bossypants so many times I can quote parts of it), but there has definitely been things she’s done on Kimmy Schmidt or Whisky Tango Foxtrot that aren’t great. So I understand why people are arguing that the suggestion from a white woman to ignore neo-nazis is kind of what got us into this mess in the first place. On the other hand, a lot of people think she was gently winking and mocking her own message (with the sheetcake being a spin on “let them eat cake”). It’s entirely possible, but maybe now is not the week for subtle, easily misinterpreted comedy?

Taylor Swift just went dark on social media, leading to speculation that she’s about to make a big announcement (a new album, maybe?). She wiped all profile pics from her Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts, and she’s no longer following anyone on Twitter.

-I’ve listened to Justin Bieber’s new song four times today. I’m not proud.

-I also really like Miley Cyrus’ new song. It’s like my music tastes are Benjamin Buttoning.

-Finally, Patty Jenkins is closing a deal to direct Wonder Woman 2. She reportedly held out for more money, and this deal could make her the highest paid female director in Hollywood.

-Speaking of ladies making bank, Emma Stone is 2017’s highest-paid actress, according to Forbes. Next in line  are Jennifer Aniston, who pulled in $25.5 million, and Jennifer Lawrence, who earned $24 million.

-Luke Cage explains Danny Rand’s white privilege to him in this scene in The Defenders and it’s amazing. Here’s the backstory.

-Meanwhile, the reviews of The Defenders are mixed at best. THR likes it, but Vulture calls it “a grim slog” and the NYT says it’s “less than the sum of its superheroes.”

James Corden started his show with an emotional monologue about the Barcelona attack.

-Your internet boyfriend Idris Elba is on crutches. Who wants to volunteer to play nurse? Ok fine, I’ll do it!

-I gave up on Transparent a while ago but somehow came across this clip today of Judith Light singing “Hand In My Pocket” and ended up bawling at my desk. So, that happened.

Emilia Clarke shared a cute Instagram video of Kit Harington and it almost made it seem like he has a personality!

Kal Penn putting Trump on blast is the best use of Twitter this week.

Blake Lively‘s photoshop skills are on point.

Cobie Smulders, Justin Long and John Cho star in the Literally, Right Before Aaron trailer.