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May 5, 2017

Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Reuniting with Liam Hemsworth


-In the new issue of Billboard, Miley Cyrus debuts her newly reformed image (“I haven’t smoked weed in three weeks, which is the longest I’ve ever [gone without it]. I’m not doing drugs, I’m not drinking, I’m completely clean right now! “), and getting back together with Liam Hemsworth (“I needed to change so much. And changing with someone else not changing like that is too hard. Suddenly you’re like, ‘I don’t recognize you anymore.’ We had to refall for each other.”)

Beyoncé did not get lip injections and her rep is calling out the ‘cowards’  who claim she did.

Adam Scott is obsessed with Star Wars and Mark Hamill, so Kristen Bell (who was guest-hosting in Jimmy Kimmel‘s absence) offered him the best surprise. I love how he went full Ben Wyatt!

Kristen also used her hosting gig to help pull off a Frozen-themed promposal.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder announced they’re expecting their first child. She looks quite far along so I’m impressed that she actually managed to keep it under wraps.

Zoë Saldana says she was surprised when Britney Spears outed her pregnancy. “She was just being Britney…I was shocked because we weren’t ready to sort of share that. But it was Britney, so it’s okay.”

Diane Keaton never gives up an opportunity to kiss a famous person, which she demonstrated with the help of Kevin Bacon and Jessica Chastain. She is living her best life.

-It looks like the OITNB hacker may have struck out at Netflix again.

Ryan Murphy is now on Instagram and if his first post with Max Greenfield and Darren Criss is any indication, he deserves a follow.

Zendaya’s reaction to Rihanna acknowledging her MET gala dress is adorable.

-Looks like Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell are getting serious: they just moved in together.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West dropped clothing line for kids today. Sure.

-The Affair’s Ruth Wilson is going to star in a new miniseries based on her grandmother, who discovered that her husband was a spy.

-People are not loving the fact that Kendall Jenner is on the cover of Vogue India.

-The first teaser for Marvel’s Inhumans reveals a palace coup — but at least there’s no bad wigs in sight.

-HBO confirmed it’s developing Game of Thrones spin-offs. Spin-offs, as in multiple. As in they’re working on four scripts.  That seems like a lot.

-You oughta know: Alanis Morissette’s ex-manager has been sentenced to six years in prison for embezzling millions.

John Boyega keeps a lightsaber “to just swing around a few seconds when I walk around the house”. Sounds about right.

-This is an interesting look at how Keeping Up With the Kardashians is in its darkest, most dramatic season yet and still it’s bleeding viewers. Are we finally all over it?

-The new Dunkirk trailer is here and it’s intense.

Chris Pine played a little slapjack with Jimmy Fallon last night.

-Finally, a Wonder Woman scene! It’s incredibly satisfying to watch Gal Gadot save Chris Pine‘s ass in this first clip.