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May 3, 2017

Brad Pitt Gets Deep in GQ

Brad Pitt GQ

-God lord, the new Brad Pitt interview in GQ brought me endless amounts of joy today. Reading it was like playing “faux-deep thoughts” bingo. Therapy talk? Check! A mention of his new matcha tea ritual? Check! A David Foster Wallace quote? Check!  Talk about his new understanding of R&B? Referring to his face as “this façade”? Check! A Churchill quote? Check!  The whole article is so beautiful I’m tempted to get it laminated…

Mark Hamill is the latest Star Wars star to prank some unsuspecting fans and their reactions were priceless.

-Yes, Stephen Colbert’s joke was really, really dumb — but the campaign to get him fired is even dumber.

-This new featurette on The Mummy actually makes it look…good?

-Congrats to Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tasha McCauley, who are expecting their second child. I didn’t even know they had a first!

Chris Evans says it’s “beyond misplaced” to glibly criticize Jimmy Kimmel‘s healthcare monologue.  Listen to Captain America!

-In any case, the monologue already has incredible reach.

Sofia Vergara took to Instagram to slam Star magazine for “fake” report about a divorce from Joe Manganiello, saying “The editor of this mag is an idiot.”

-This is a great take on how Marvel is undercutting Wonder Woman with their lack of promotion.

Amanda Peet looks back on her biggest roles and it’s kind of amazing how much she’s done.  I kind of love that she’s still not ok with Bent being cancelled.

-The Flash’s big reveal on this week’s episode revealed the show’s biggest flaw: its own formula.

-I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that The Handmaid’s Tale is getting a second season, but the first season covers the whole book so what are they going to do?

-A new report says that unlike what we’d expect, Kate and William don’t have a lot of staff to help them out at home.

-The Dark Tower trailer is here and the reviews are mixed. I’m ok with it, but it definitely feels like it gives way, way too much away.

The Defenders trailer is getting a lot of love, mostly because it makes fun of Iron Fist a lot. This moment in particular is getting mocked a bunch. (I think it’s a special kind of actor who knows what to do in the background during a group fight scene when it’s not “their turn” — and then there’s this type.