Ja Rule’s Frye Fest Blows Up In His Face

-Rich millennials paid thousands for Ja Rule‘s Fyre Fest (which had been billed as the most luxe festival ever) and are now stranded on an island.  There were warning signs from the get-go when a bunch of the private planes attendees were supposed to use didn’t take off. Those who did make it were met with disaster-relief tents instead of VIP villas, lost their luggage, given two pieces of bread and slices of cheese for dinner, and had no clear way to leave. (People who managed to leave were then locked in the airport.) Oh, and headlining band Blink-182 dropped out, and the most famous guests were reportedly warned in advance not to attend.

Ja Rule has apologized. So that’s something?

Johnny Depp boarded a Pirates Of The Caribbean ride dressed as Jack Sparrow and everyone lost their shit. So I guess we’re all just forgetting about those abuse allegations? Great.

Katy Perry sings about her “5-star Michelin” p*ssy in her new single, Bon Appetit. That’s nice.

Val Kilmer did a Reddit AMA and his answers were pretty stellar. I especially liked his response about shooting Heat, and what it was like to be deemed a “difficult” actor.

Goldie Hawn was interviewed by her daughter, Kate Hudson, for the latest issue of Interview.

-A Roseanne revival with the original cast is in development at ABC (or maybe Netflix). Sigh. It was a ground-breaking show at the time, but come on Hollywood. Are there NO new ideas?

Viola Davis gave a toast at the Time 100 gala and it was so damn good. Give this woman a TED Talk!

-Alright Blake Lively, I’ll give it to you: this Instagram caption is funny.

-Have you listened to S Town yet? It’s the hit podcast from the Serial crew. I just finished and I’m super conflicted. Yes, it’s heartbreaking and moving, but as it progresses it begins to feel voyeuristic and gross to delve into the life of someone who can’t consent to such an investigation. Meanwhile, the residents of the town it depicts are split.

Beyonce‘s food-ordering meme is still going strong.

-Wonder Woman  finally got some new TV spots! I’m going to need someone to explain this whole marketing campaign (or lack thereof) to me after the dust settles. I’m glad that media sites are starting to point it out.

Emma Stone candidly speaks about anxiety treatment in a new mental health video series.

-Oh god, Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP is getting a print magazine.

-Buzzfeed covered what exactly is at stake for writers with the potential writers strike next week — and it’s a lot!  The trades are suggesting 50-50 odds of a walkout. Meanwhile, here are 17 things that happened because of the last writers’ strike.

-I have to say, I’m kind of shocked that MTV cancelled Sweet/Vicious. Critics (justifiably) loved that show.

-Speaking of shows critics love, the new season of Catastrophe is here.

-I feel like Busy Phillips broke some kind of golden rule when she revealed that she makes more money from endorsements than acting — and I love it!

Tilda Swinton knows the secret to great tenderloins in this Ojka trailer.

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