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April 5, 2017

Pepsi Pulls Kendall Jenner Ad

-Pepsi finally relented and pulled that controversial ad — and apologized to Kendall Jenner for some reason (don’t they realize she’s the Becky in this?!).

-Meanwhile, Kendall just went public with her relationship with A$AP Rocky because girl know the value of a good narrative pivot.

-Well, shit. Eliza Dushku says she wasn’t invited to the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion.

-Meanwhile, Sarah Michelle Gellar played Shag, Marry, Kill with her Buffy men.

-Is George Clooney giving up on his legendary pranks now that he’s going to be the busy father of two children? Probs not.

-Despite middling reviews, Prison Break ratings were good. Really good.

-Speaking of last night’s TV, the chances are looking good that New Girl will be renewed but if it’s not, I would be happy with that ep as a series finale. In fact, it probably should be.

-In his new memoir, Alec Baldwin says producers of the indie in which his character slept with Nikki Reed‘s didn’t tell him that she was only 16 at the time of filming. The producer went on a Twitter rant yesterday insisting that was not the case.

-We’re finally going to get to see Squirrel Girl on TV and Mae Whitman is gunning for the part HARD on Twitter. Get it, girl.

-Meanwhile, Mae was Jenny Slate‘s date at last night’s Gifted premiere.

-I wish Jennifer Aniston would wear something other than a little black dress, but at least the one she wore to The Leftovers premiere was v. cute. Carrie Coon‘s dress, however, owned the night.

David Schwimmer and wife of seven years Zoe Buckman say they’ve decided to take “some time apart.” Cue the endless “they’re on a break!!” jokes…

-NBC’s Red Nose Day programming will include a celeb edition of American Ninja Warrior featuring Stephen Amell, Erika Christensen, Mena Suvari and Derek Hough. A few weeks ago Zachary Levi posted (and then quickly deleted) footage of Amell completing the route and it looked brutal.

Christine Baranski was a delight on James Corden, telling stories about skinny-dipping at her lake house and politely acknowledging that Michael Sheen did in fact name his penis after her.

Victoria Beckham and James Corden recreated Mannequin and I’m here for it.

-Uh oh. Our days of free Spotify might be coming to an end.

-I gave up on Fargo last year but the new season is getting rave reviews.

Susan Sarandon says she basically lived Feud IRL when the studio’s PR thought Stepmom would perform better if people believed she and Julia Roberts hated each other while filming.

-I love this piece on how Colossal gives us a female character who’s gloriously frustrating, selfish, and sloppy. God, I want everyone to love this movie as much as I do.

-Also, it’s officially uncool to hate Anne Hathaway now so please stop.

-In the Master of None season 2 trailer, Dev heads to Italy in search of romance. I adored the first season — and now there’s pasta!