Ryan Gosling Remembers His Childhood Dance Career

Ryan Gosling was all kinds of adorable on the Graham Norton Show, begrudgingly reflecting on his career as a young dancer and recalling the time he got Meryl Streep to compliment his mom’s beehive. (Sidenote: Ben Affleck looked ROUGH.)

-Meanwhile, Ben Affleck calls all the questions he’s getting about Batman “a pain in the ass,” which is sure to further endear him to the fanbase.

Mariah Carey and Elton John were reportedly paid millions to perform at wedding for the 19-year-old granddaughter of a Russian billionaire. And how was your weekend?

-Also, why is Nick Cannon even commenting on ex-wife Mariah’s New Year’s Eve performance?

-Congrats to Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, who are engaged. Maybe now we’ll remember that they’re a couple. (Probably not, tho.)

-Also congrats to Armie Hammer and his wife, who welcomed a baby boy this weekend.

Jaden Smith says he “failed” father Will Smith after failing driver’s test, which sent him into an existential crisis.

Meghan Markle reportedly gave Kate Middleton a dream diary for her birthday, which seems appropriately princess-y.

Uma Thurman‘s custody fight keeps getting nastier. Her ex accused her of mixing pills and booze to treat a mental illness.

-God, I love that Hidden Figures continues to dominate the box office, crushing both Ben Affleck and Martin Scorsese’s latest films and becoming the first movie with multiple female leads to remain No. 1 since 2011.

Claire Danes says her son throws tantrums using Homeland set jargon. Just in case you thought tantrums couldn’t possibly get more annoying…

-I spent way too much time this weekend binging Netflix’s Crazyhead, which is a direct descendant of Buffy but with a British twist.

-Speaking of Netflix originals, there are lots of cool-sounding shows coming to the streaming site this year. I’m especially intrigued by Glow, Gypsy, Girlboss and The Santa Clarita Diet.

-Meanwhile, here’s a closer look at Marvel’s next Netflix show, The Defenders. If I only finished Jessica Jones but gave up on Daredevil and Luke Cage, will I be lost?

Sam Worthington and Octavia Spencer star in the sappy trailer for Keep Your Eyes on Me.

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