Jennifer Lopez and Drake Went to Prom

Jennifer Lopez and Drake were spotted making out and dancing at a prom-themed event (where they just happened to premiere their new song. Complete coincidence though.)

Lindsay Lohan has written a Mean Girls 2 treatment and someone needs to leak that shit RIGHT NOW!

-The final two seasons of Game of Thrones is going to have less episodes but the same budget — so expect those eps to look *good*.

-A song has leaked from Beauty and the Beast. Bad audio quality but otherwise hope-inducing.

Ben Mendelsohn (aka – the best part of anything you’ve seen in the last two years) is getting a divorce.

-Remember Ashley Greene from Twilight? She just got engaged.

-I’m pleasantly surprised to see Nocturnal Animals show up on some Worst Of lists. The more distance I have from that movie, the more I sour on it. As the Globe says, it’s “like a discount-perfume ad designed to be played in abortion clinics.”

-The new Homeland season isn’t set to premiere until Jan 15, but Showtime dropped it on demand already. I’ve been out on that show since season 2 — and this review of the new episodes isn’t changing my mind.

-This is gutting: Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds will share a funeral.

-The adorable story of how Orange Is the New Black’s Samira Wiley got engaged is what we all need to close out this rough year.

Halle Berry’s divorce from Olivier Martinez has finally been finalized.

-Also, Sia filed for divorce from husband Erik Anders Lang.

-In happier marriage news, Adele might have gotten hitched over the holidays. My mother will be thrilled. She worries about her.

-This clip of Mariah Carey pranking her assistant makes me want to catch up on all the eps of her reality show that have piled up on my DVR. It also makes be only want to hear her speak in a Jersey accent from now on.

-This quote from Harvey Weinstein about Rooney Mara’s dislike of press tours is both funny and eye-roll-y.

-I love Olivia Coleman but there’s just no way I can watch something as depressing as a new season of Broadchurch anymore.

Serena Williams is engaged (yay!) to the co-founder of Reddit (uh…).

Kate Winslet paid tribute to her friend, the late Alan Rickman, in a moving letter to EW. She talked about how when he went out to dinner with anyone, he’d always call ahead and pay for the bill and whenever anyone called him out on it, he’d simply say: “I’ve got two words for you: Harry. Potter.”

-This is a very good list of the 9 ways Hollywood needs to do better in 2017.

-A new trailer for Michael Keaton‘s McDonald’s movie The Founder has arrived.



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