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November 25, 2016

Gilmore Girls’ Last Four Words


-I’m going to my BFF’s viewing party tomorrow which means I have to stay strong and not watch any of the Gilmore Girls until then, but my Twitter TL seemed not super impressed by the last four words. (Don’t click if, like me, you don’t want to know!)

-Meanwhile, Gilmore Girls star Lauren Graham talks about finally finding love in Hollywood with her Parenthood costar, Peter Krause. Aww.

-Everyone else might be celebrating Black Friday, but I’m celebrating CDAN’s annual blind item reveal day! I take that site with a giant grain of salt, but it’s fun.  The especially juicy reveals are here, here,  here, and here.

-Good news: Kayne West is apparently on the mend.

-These photos of Mariah Carey pretending to grocery shop are giving me life!

-Listen to Scarlett Johansson’s song ‘Set It All Free‘ from the Sing soundtrack.

-Despite reports of a split, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom spent Thanksgiving together.

-The Walking Dead’s ratings keep hitting new lows. This is what happens when you treat your audience like shit.

Selena Gomez broke her social media silence with a heartwarming note to her fans, calling her year the “hardest yet most rewarding one yet.”

Joel Coen and Frances McDormand had a delightful Thanksgiving that involved squats. (This led me down a rabbit hole of their kid’s Instagram — and I stared at this photo for way longer than is probably socially acceptable.)

Jon Hamm was maybe not the nicest drunk.

Adele says she’s going to have another baby when her tour wraps. Yay?

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt‘s new Passengers trailer is just begging you to guess the twist.

K-2SO steals the show in the latest Rogue One promo.