Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck Try To Charm Us Into Watching The Accountant

Anna Kendrick and Ben Affleck give you permission to call them Benanna.  If that’s your thing.

-Meanwhile, Ben crashed John Krasinski‘s GMA appearance and it was kind of cute.

-A bunch of publicists weighed in on whether or not the Kim Kardashian robbery could have been staged. They all agree that it wasn’t — and that Karl Lagerfeld is a “legendary asshat.”

-Well, this is a bummer. Ryan Murphy says The WB was ‘very homophobic‘ during the making of Popular.

-Conscious uncoupling indeed. Jennifer Lopez is working on her second Spanish album with Marc Anthony.

Sean Penn‘s mystery blonde has been revealed — and she’s Vincent D’Onofrio‘s 24-year-old daughter. Vincent must be thrilled by this development.

-Wait, so are the rumours about Kristen Stewart and St Vincent being a thing real?

-I like that EW gave This is Us a cover, but it’s a bit spoilery, no?

-I really liked this interview with TV writer Jane Espenson on writing female friendships.

-This is such a great read on the enduring whiteness of TV criticism. I follow A LOT of critics on Twitter and I can’t think of more than two POC.

Melissa Etheridge apologized for all those things she said about Brangelina‘s divorce. Kind of.

-Meanwhile, Brad has reportedly seen his kids for the first time since the split.

Robbie Williams’s crazy handjob-in-a-castle story is a work of art. Anna Kendrick and Daniel Radcliffe’s reaction to this is all of us.

-Whoa, there’s going to be an Enchanted sequel? I loved that movie.

-The first Jackie trailer is out. The consensus at TIFF seemed to be that the movie is a bit of a drag, but Natalie Portman gives an Oscar-worthy performance.

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