Chloë Grace Moretz Hugs Ex Brooklyn Beckham on Teen Vogue


-Welp. This is awkward: Chloë Grace Moretz’s Teen Vogue cover features her now ex-boyfriend, Brooklyn Beckham. Even more awkward: in the interview she talks about how their relationship “can withstand space and time.”

-The is an excellent video editorial from Jay Z on how we have to end the war on drugs.

-Mary J. Blige‘s estranged husband asked for spousal support — and she’s refused.

-You can now watch the first 5 minutes of Fox’s Rocky Horror.

-Contrary to reports, Jonah Hill says he hasn’t actually cancelled all French press for War Dogs after being mocked on TV for his sex life. The host apologized to him (but has he apologized to her for starting the whole thing by telling her “I hear you get sodomized pretty often”?).

-Every TV critic I love is gushing about Amazon’s new show Fleabag. How do we get this in Canada STAT?

-Speaking of critical love, I’m glad to see the Netflix version of Black Mirror is getting such good reviews.

Bobbi Kristini‘s boyfriend was found legally responsible in that wrongful-death lawsuit.

Mark Walhberg has stopped trying to get those old assault charges pardoned. One of my friends interviewed him this week and says he’s mellowed considerably over the years. But he’s still, you know, him.

-How much TV are you going to watch this fall? Vulture’s handy calculator will let you know exactly how guilty you should feel about it.

-Well, this is embarrassing: the wife of the Light Between the Oceans director is slamming bad reviews in a new essay.

-I probably won’t see the new Bridget Jones movie for a week or two because after TIFF I don’t want to step inside another theatre for a while, but people are already writing articles about the ending.

-The new Honest Trailer for Captain America is now making me question why I liked that movie.


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