Chris Evans Dances It Out

-Even if Civil War is terrible (by all accounts, it is not) the movie will have been worth it just for Chris Evans‘ press tour performance. Watch him explain his tendency to touch his left boob! Watch him do the Single Ladies dance!

-There’s a new Radiohead song. Orchestral and awesome! The song will be released on ‘all digital services‘ tomorrow. Take that, Tidal!

Tom Cruise was reportedly not happy about a joke at his expense in Seth Rogen’s Preacher pilot.

Mariah Carey talks about wanting a normal wedding in this shade-throwing clip. I die.

-The audience booed Michael Strahan’s exit today and Kelly Ripa was all “um, I’m still here, guys.”

-The captions for this gallery about Justin Bieber at his dad’s engagement party are all kinds of perfect.

Milo Ventimiglia has good taste in Gilmore Girls townies.

-Meanwhile, here is all 62 of Kirk’s jobs on Gilmore Girls.

Amy Schumer will not let thigh chafing ruin a good night.

-What did everyone think about the MET Gala dresses? I hated Claire Danes until I saw it light up and then I was a convert (someone actually on theme!), but my hands-down favourite was Rachel McAdams. Total perfection!

-Speaking of the Gala, I’m really hoping that whatever was happening with SJP’s face was just over-enthusiastic contouring.

-Real-life unicorns Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston hit the dance floor together.

-It’s crazy that both Nashville and Castle will probably be renewed by ABC. Cray. Zy.

John Stamos and Tituss Burgess sang The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl” and it was lovely.

-I really liked this article on how Games Of Thrones’ biggest villain needs to be way more interesting. If you’re going to destroy my love of Simon from Misfits, at least keep me engaged while doing it. (Speaking of Simon from Misfits, do y’all remember this scene? How the hell that air in the UK on non-cable TV at 8pm? Bless those Brits!)

Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s GoT shade game is on point.

-Hamilton scored a record 16 Tony Awards nominations today. Can we skip the ceremony and just televise the show?

-I love Kristen Bell, but how the hell is she making her movie decisions? ‘Cause this looks…not good.


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