Amy Schumer Goes Glam for Vanity Fair


-I’m not sure about Amy Schumer’s Vanity Fair cover. I think they did a similar look (but better) with Tina Fey. Instead, I would have gone with this pic. Also, her explanation about the controversy surrounding her racist joke about Hispanic guys is…not good.

-Meanwhile, Amy fact-checked Jennifer Lawrence’s interviews. Um, because either or those people are known to be shy and/or lie?

-I still haven’t watched all of Lemonade because A) it shouldn’t be this hard to listen to an album in 2016 (at least it’s finally on iTunes — for $18!), and B) it feels like something I need to take the time to process with a capital P, but there’s already been some pretty fantastic pieces written about it. Like this one about what Beyonce‘s new album means as a declaration of black feminine power, or this study of the visual references, or this gossip angle discussing Jay Z’s alleged cheating.

-Also, the Beyhive trashed Rachael Ray by complete mistake because they thought she was “Becky,” but they meant to trash Rachel Roy (who still may not be Becky).

-Meanwhile, Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig explains how he ended up with a writing credit on Lemonade.

-Rejoice! Anna Kendrick is writing a book and you can already pre-order it!

-Condolences to Patton Oswalt, who’s wife (author Michelle McNamara) passed away unexpectedly in her sleep on Thursday at the age of 46.

-Is Chris Martin dating Heather Graham? I don’t hate this. She’s age-appropriate, at least, and fits with his willowy blonde type.

Maisie Williams crashed a random person’s Game of Thrones viewing party and was very impressed by their snackage.

-Meanwhile, the Game of Thrones producers really want you to know that the new season focuses on female empowerment — but it has nothing to do with all the rape flack they got last year. Sure. As long as Brienne keeps kicking ass, I’ll keep watching.

Idris Elba asked kids “what do you want to be when you grow up?” The correct answer is: Someone who still gets to talk to Idris Elba.

-What are these stories about Sarah Jessica Parker picking through trash this weekend? What are they?!?

Lil Kim no longer looks like Lil Kim, which is sad but the hate that she’s getting for it is even sadder, since those types of comments are probably what led her to do this to herself in the first place. Vicious cycle, thy name is The Internet.

-The Huntsman: Winter’s War flopped hard at the box office, grossing $20.1 million despite a budget of $115 million. So where are all the ‘Chris Hemsworth Can’t Open a Film’ headlines? Huh?

Nathan Fillion’s Guardians of the Galaxy 2 character basically sounds like the character he played in Dr Horrible, so I’m in.

-Just in case you weren’t already feeling Drake’s love for Toronto, here’s his new album cover.

-By raising $1.72 million, Robbie & Stephen Amell‘s Code 8 is the highest crowd-funded project so far this year and it more than quadrupled the Canadian record for the highest crowd-funded film/video project ever. My boys!

Kate Hudson tries to convince us her “personal writing style may be more suited for a publication like The Atlantic” than InStyle. The world dies laughing.

-The Twin Peaks’ revival just released the official cast list and it would be easier to list the celebrities who *aren’t* in it.

-This is a great rant about how TV episodes are becoming too long.

-Grey’s Anatomy does not need a man to be successful, thank you very much. Ellen Pompeo said of Patrick Dempsey’s departure: “It’s amazing what you get done without a penis.”

Hugh Jackman‘s Wolverine is back in the new X-Men: Apocalypse trailer.

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