Sofia Vergara Tried to Dance at the Grammys. It Didn’t Work.

-I watched a wee bit of the Grammys (mostly to cleanse my palette after the shit show that was The X Files), and my absolute fave part was Sofia Vergara‘s total inability to find the rhythm.

-So Beyoncé wore a wedding dress to the Grammys last night. No judgement.

Adele said “shit happens” about the technical difficulties during her Grammy performance, and then treated herself to In ‘n Out. Marry me.

Paul McCartney and Beck were denied entrance to a Grammy after-party. This is the first scene of a really funny buddy comedy.

Jimmy Kimmel had a special Grammys edition of Mean Tweets, featuring Drake, Meaghan Trainor and Ed Sheeran.

-Shocking report: Kanye West reportedly had a meltdown backstage at SNL and almost bailed moments before his performance. He also tweeted about how people tried to “control” him and “use the debt against” him and then something about the cost of textbooks? Seriously dude, just put out your damn album.

-The New Yorker just gave TMZ the TMZ treatment

-If there’s a better use of time than this “Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” game, I haven’t found it. I couldn’t even finish the “find the black nominee” round because I was laughing too hard at that point…

-After this weekend’s BAFTAs, everyone’s wondering what’s up with Tom Cruise’s face?

Kate Winslet killed it at the BAFTAs, explaining backstage why she didn’t just settle “for fat girl parts.”

-Eddie Redmayne told BuzzFeed he hopes his BAFTA comment on trans issues wasn’t misunderstood. No one misunderstood: you were taking credit for something you didn’t do. We got it.

-Oh Deadpool, what hath you wrought? Wolverine 3 is now targeting a R rating.

-Meanwhile, I could Ryan Reynolds watch hijacks Hugh Jackman’s press junkets all day.

-Much love to Princess of the Internet, who let me babble about award show coverage on her site.

-Everyone’s flipping out over the new promo for Daredevil. Yeah, I’m still not going to finish season one.

Reese Witherspoon has settled her imitation jewelry lawsuit.

Samantha Bee is killing it with her new show. Her segment about going to Jordan to actually meet Syrian refugees before judging them is extraordinary.

-Paris gets on Idris Elba’s bad side in the trailer for Bastille Day (which should be subtitled ‘Look everyone! He can TOTALLY play Bond!’).

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