Channing Tatum Posts Sweet Pics of Wife Jenna Dewan-Tatum

Channing Tatum Instagramed a sweet tribute to his wife with the caption: “To my light. I love you.”

-I’m not the type of person who uses hashtags like #RelationshipGoals (cause gross) but Channing Tatum might just sway me with his latest Instagram posts.

Miley Cyrus was spotted sporting a huge diamond ring and now everyone’s wondering if her engagement to Liam Hemsworth is back on.

Leonardo DiCaprio reportedly took four women back to his hotel after the London premiere of The Revenant. Looks like someone’s going to have to double down on those “I want babies” Oscar campaigning interviews now…

-He also met up with Rihanna in Paris, but his camp insist they’re “just friends.” Uh huh.

Spike Lee is boycotting the Oscars, as is Jada Pinkett Smithwho says “Begging for acknowledgement diminishes dignity and it diminishes power.”

-Also fighting for more diversity is Idris Elba, who just called out British TV.

-At the Critics’ Choice, the biggest fashion improvement was clearly Alicia Vikander, who rebounded nicely after the Golden Globes. I also loved Aya Cash in menswear.

– The best speech at last night’s Critics’ Choice Awards was 9-year-old Jacob Tremblay’s, especially the crowd reaction shots to his adorableness. Also, him on the dance floor at the after-party? This kid kills me.

-Everyone’s also raving over Amy Schumer’s acceptance speech but I dunno. It was fine (and I certainly don’t want to contribute to the weird backlash she seems to be receiving lately), but over 5 minutes? That’s a little much.

-However, Amy Schumer’s shutdown of this kid’s slut-shaming is glorious.

-Last night, Nicole and I were texting each other about Kate Beckinsale’s face. Is that what prompted Jennifer Aniston’s weird reaction to her?

-Also at the Critics’ Choice Awards, Christian Bale proved he’s that guy who awkwardly kisses all his friends on the mouth and they’re all like “um…really?”

-Don’t tease me about a Freaks & Geeks reunion, Judd Apatow. Don’t you effing tease me!

-Comedian Heather McDonald says she (and most of the crew) “lived in fear” of Chelsea Handler when they worked on her show.

-Also, why is Handler the one who gets a Netflix special on racism??

-Does anyone have a more interesting dating life than Laura Dern? She was spotted out with Common.

Rashida Jones‘ new comedy Angie Tribeca debuts tonight. I watched a screener for the first episode a while ago and didn’t get it. But I really like her, so what do I know?

-I didn’t catch all of Adam Driver on SNL, but his Undercover Boss skit was golden.

-Happy birthday to Betty White, who turned 94 yesterday.

-Was Jim Halpert actually the villain of The Office? Not really, but this is funny.

-Belly-cupping doesn’t really bug me, especially from celebs who are in the early stages of their pregnancy.  Chrissy Teigen explains why.

Linda Perry is calling out Lady Gaga over her writing credit on an Oscar-nominated song, claiming Gaga only rewrote one line.

-Netflix has renewed Kimmy Schmidt for a third season before its second even begins airing, and I’m totally cool with that. Sometimes I randomly remember the Entourage joke from that show and laugh uncontrollably.

-Deadpool being banned in China is a big blow to Marvel, considering it’s the 2nd largest box office market in the world.

-They’re making a Neighbors 2? I don’t hate this idea.

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