Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Janet Jackson is Life!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is killing it this week. His lip-sync of “Rhythm Nation” is a beautiful thing. He also showed off his drumming skills.

-In other late-night antics, Bryan Cranston sang about mortgages and credit scores in his grown man boy band on James Cordon’s show.

-Oof. I’m guessing Jimmy Fallon’s Esquire cover story interview was conducted before all the gossip surfaced. I assume NBC PR isn’t thrilled with his opening anecdote.

-Fox is going to stop reporting overnight ratings — which is a bold move. Personally, I still think they’re important for indicating people’s viewing priorities, but whatever.

-The trailer for Shameless season 6 is here. As much as I liked the last season I was going to drop this one because #peakTV, but then in the promo Dylan McDermott takes off a pair of panties with his teeth and goddamit I’m back in!

-Speaking of peak TV, I was following a Twitter convo between TV critics about all the shows they have to catch up on before compiling their year-end ‘best of’ lists, and one of them put it all in a Google doc. I think I watch too much TV, but I haven’t seen half of these.

-People is confirming that Kate Beckinsale has separated from her husband Len Wiseman.

Tyra Banks quit her own daytime talk show after just two months.

-When the NYT’s Maureen Dowd started reporting on sexism in Hollywood, an executive dismissively told her she should “call some chicks.” So she did, and the result is a pretty amazing article.

Jenny McCarthy should not be allowed to publicly discuss any medical issue ever again, k?

-Go to this site, type in the password “XPhiles” and enjoy the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it spoilers. I totally blocked out the fact that Mulder and Scully have a son named William.

Melissa McCarthy plays Kristen Bell’s worst nightmare in the new trailer for The Boss.


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