Kate Mara and Jamie Bell Are A Couple

-It looks like something good actually came out of the Fantastic Four movie: Kate Mara and Jamie Bell are dating.

Anthony Mackie just dropped another jewel of wisdom: “Some people aren’t made for democracy. Some people need a dictator.” Dear god, where are his people?!

Bobby Cannavale and Rose Byrne (aka – the celebrity couple I always forget are together but then get so happy all over again whenever I remember) are expecting.

Eddie Murphy doesn’t like David Spade, and David totally understands why.

Kate Winslet has a no airbrushing clause in her L’Oreal contract, because she’s the goddamn best.

Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller‘s Twitter Q&A to promote Burnt is pretty great. I’m really jealous about all the training they got from Michelin-starred chefs. Bradley probably should never be allowed to operate the camera again, though.

-Meanwhile, here’s a look at Bradley Cooper and Jimmy Kimmel back when they were just drunk bros with dreams.

The Weeknd avoided jail time by pleading no contest to punching Las Vegas police officer.

Natalie Portman‘s Jane Got a Gun is finally coming out…in February. That doesn’t bode well.

-The new cast photo for The Good Wife is hilarious. It’s like they *want* us to wonder if they were even in the same room when this was shot.

Adele’s new song is lovely, but Xavier Dolan’s video direction (using an IMAX camera and shot in Montreal) is STUNNING.

-Here’s the first full trailer for Netflix’s Jessica Jones. I’m not sure any other TV show has hooked me so quickly from a promo. Get in my eyeballs!!

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