Julia Roberts Covers Allure


Julia Roberts talks politics and pollution in her new Allure cover story.

-Jesus F. Christ, Stephen Amell. Stop this. And this. Just STAHP!

-How is this being presented as not gross?

-I love that Rihanna is talking about her and Taylor Swift’s “brands” in this. She gets it.

-I’m totally here for new candid Kristen Stewart.

-How weird would this have been? John Cusack was nearly cast as Breaking Bad’s Walter White.

-Was Jessica Simpson drunk on the HSN? I dunno, she kinda always sounds like this, no?

Amy Schumer takes on beauty standards in the new promo for her HBO special.

-I don’t say this very often (or ever), but good on Jessica Alba.

-Here’s the second trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Bridge of Spies, starring Tom Hanks, Amy Ryan, and Alan Alda.

-Here’s the trailer for Sarah Silverman’s dramatic I Smile Back. Saw this one at TIFF and liked it but man, it’s DARK.


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