Lea Michele Opens Up About Finding Love After Cory Monteith


-In her new Flare cover story, Lea Michele talked about how she took time following Cory Monteith‘s death to regroup before dating again — when she wasn’t too busy scolding the interviewer for drinking soda.

-A new Star Wars teaser dropped today on Instagram and the interwebs lost its poo over the glimpse of John Boyega and Adam Driver having a lightsaber battle.

Gal Gadot talked to Marie Claire about being in the army and playing Wonder Woman. She also talked about her husband, which surprised me ’cause…well, you know…reasons. Blind itemy reasons.

Jennifer Garner is “rethinking her living situation” with Ben Affleck, a source tell People. Wait, you mean she *doesn’t* want to live in the same place as the nanny shtupper?
-MythBusters tested Breaking Bad’s finale machine gun booby trap to see if it was plausible. Science, bitch!

Miley Cyrus was on Kimmel last night, and she spent a lot of time talking about boobs. A LOT. “Humans aren’t afraid of the human breast. It’s the nipple that’s the issue…Like, I’m showing my boobs and no one has a problem, but the nipples are covered, so somehow that’s OK. So America’s actually fine with tits. It’s nipples they don’t like.” I think I love her.

-She also dressed up in a disguise and asked people on the street what they think about Miley Cyrus. I’m impressed with that accent.

-Buffy’s Nicholas Brendon went on Dr. Phil to talk about his issues and ended up walking off the set. He later explained what got him so upset in a Facebook post. Here’s to a healthy and happy Xander!

-What do you get the girl who has everything? If you’re Jennifer Lawrence‘s friends, you get her Kris Jenner holding a cake that looks like poop.

-Forget the surprise JT performance; Taylor Swift bringing out Lisa Kudrow to sing “Smelly Cat” is her best get yet!

-Meanwhile, Jessica Biel made a rare appearance to cheer on Justin Timberlake at the show.

Ben Affleck also showed up to Taylor Swift’s concert with his daughters.

-Speaking of TSwift, she brought Selena Gomez out to do “Good for You.” I really like that song, but these are two people I didn’t need to see do an awkward grind off.

Jennifer Aniston wore an off-the-rack wedding dress? GASP! Oh wait, I just remembered I don’t care. Carry on.

-Well, this is terrible: the highest paid TV actor, Jim Parsons, made $29 million last year.

-By Grabthar’s hammer…Amazon is planning a Galaxy Quest series!

-Is Netflix really trying to kill binge watching? But isn’t that their thing?

Kristen Wiig is helping her gay BFF have a kid in this new trailer for Nasty Baby. Wait, is that the guy from TV on the Radio?! That man has the juice.  Orange. Apple. Cran. All of it.

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