Is Serena Williams Dating Drake?

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This photo is supposed to prove that Drake and Serena Williams were making out at dinner over the weekend. I dunno; it looks like they might have just been talking? I need receipts, people!

George Clooney is selling his tequila HARD these days. I don’t like this. It has a whiff of desperation I’m not used to associating with him. Make it stop.

Cute photobomb, though. Dammit, Clooney! I can never stay mad at you! All is forgiven.

-Everyone’s wearing the same terrible Prada dress in the September issues of magazines, and fashion peeps are freaking out!

Taylor Swift offered up a sneak peek at her latest video. Hope y’all like zebras and Scott Eastwood.

-Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus (who’s hosting next week’s VMAs) is apparently feuding with Taylor, so this should be fun.

This interview with Celine Dion about her ailing husband is beyond heartbreaking.

-The girl who played Rayanne on My So-Called Life is now a countess in England? And she didn’t even realize her future husband was a member of British nobility until he took her home for the first time and at the end of his family’s driveway was a castle?! Her life is a Julia Stiles rom-com!

-I have so many questions about this photo of Jennifer Lawrence in bed with Kris Jenner. So many.

-I don’t know what’s more surprising from this Quentin Tarantino interview: that he loved The Newsroom or that he watched every episode of How I Met Your Mother. (Also, irony alert: he complains that TV critics only review pilots, but in the previous question he trashes True Detective based on the first episode and a trailer. Le sigh.)

-It’s very cute how the One Tree Hill cast still has reunions.

-Congrats to Tracy Morgan, who got married. There’s not a lot of details on the ceremony, so let’s all just go ahead and assume that Grizz and DotCom were in his wedding party.

Paul Haggis is calling out journalists for avoiding Scientology questions with Tom Cruise during his Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation promo tour.

-Did the newly single Gavin Rossdale just join Leonardo DiCaprio’s p**** posse? Ugh.

-A judged called Terrence Howard a ‘bully’ but still ruled in his favour in his spousal support case.

-Mwah ha ha! John Oliver‘s made up”church” has already gotten thousands of tax-exempt dollars.

-Speaking of late night hosts, Colbert‘s first Late Show guests will include ScarJo and Amy Schumer.

-My coworker was texting me play-by-plays of Stephen Amell’s WWE SummerSlam performance last night (which apparently cost $50 to watch — what?). According to him, Amell did really well, spent way more time in the ring than expected, pulled off a realistic “senton slam” and “enziguri” (is one of those things this part where he flied off the ropes and landed on two guys outside of the ring? ‘Cause that looked intense), and took a surprising amount of rough-looking hits. When I made the mistake of texting back “But isn’t it all fake?” I got a rant about how dangerous the stunts are — which I guess explains all the bruises on his back. I still can’t believe the WB/CW signed off on it; these are the same guys who are so skittish about their actors, they once instituted a haircut ban after the Keri Russell debacle. You can watch his match here (until it gets pulled down).

Jon Stewart also got in on the SummerSlam action, hitting John Cena with a folding chair. I still don’t get wrestling, but at least his son look liked he was having fun.

Kristen Stewart as Coco Chanel? Colour me intrigued.

Nicholas Hoult plays a record label A&R guy (and possible murderer?) in the Kill Your Friends trailer.

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