Anne Hathaway’s Big Career Move


Anne Hathaway just signed on to a limited TV series, which might be the smartest move ever. She’s clearly not going to crack everyone’s hearts as a movie actress, but being in people’s living rooms on the regular? That could work for her.

-The Good Wife creators finally broke their silence on GreenScreenGate, and seriously, if that was the best they could do they should have just kept quiet. Good on Michael Ausiello for repeatedly reminding them the issue isn’t about gossip, but about treating your audience poorly. They didn’t get it though, and stuck to evasive non-answers. Comparing a green screened driving scene or a shootout is not the same kind of “trick” as needing to fake two characters having a simple conversation because you can’t do your job well enough to get your actors to behave professionally. Whatever happened behind the scenes, the showrunners are clearly working for Julianna Margulies now instead of the other way around.

-Sad news: police are searching for Rosie O’Donnell’s teen daughter after she went missing.

-The female movie exec who Emile Hirsch choked is disappointed that he only got a 15-day jail sentence. “I thought I was going to die.”

Jon Stewart‘s retirement didn’t last long. He’ll host WWE’s SummerSlam this weekend. Between him and Stephen Amell competing in it, am I actually going to have to watch wrestling? Ugh.

-Speaking of Stewart, here’s Trevor Noah‘s first Daily Show promo.

Stephen Colbert‘s new GQ cover story will reconfirm your undying love for him.

Bill Hader‘s story on Seth Meyers‘ show about being stoned with Amy Schumer and the rest of the Trainwreck crew in Amsterdam might be the best late night bit I’ve seen in a while. He talks about how he lost an equally stoned SNL Vanessa Bayer, who shows up to interrupt the story.

-I might order tix to TIFF’s closing night film, based on this image alone.

Zac Efron was in a much better mood on Jimmy Fallon last night than when I saw him at the TO afterparty of We Are Your Friends on Friday.

Patrick Stewart surprise-kissed Conan O’Brien. #jealous

Channing Tatum has adopted a rescue horse , just in case your crush on him was beginning to wan.

James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe team up in the Victor Frankenstein trailer, and it’s everything I never knew I wanted.

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