Ben Affleck’s Nanny Angling To Be The Bachelorette?

christine ouzounian ben affleck

Ben Affleck‘s nanny is the gift that keeps on giving! Now there’s talk that she wants to be the next Bachelorette. It’s going to take a lot more than money to shut this girl up. Karma wins again!

-NBA player Matt Barnes implied he was dating Rihanna and she noped him so hard.

-Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik got into a Twitter fight over Taylor Swift like the mature adults that they are.

-So now Julia Roberts and Joan Baez are on Taylor’s squad? When will the madness end?!?

-Get ready for some serious feels: The Fast and Furious cast got emotional talking about Paul Walker at the Teen Choice Awards.

-Speaking of emotional Teen Choice Awards moments, Nina Dobrev got teary saying goodbye to The Vampire Diaries last night.

-Here’s our first look at Felicity Jones in the Star Wars universe.

-I don’t really understand David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson’s in-jokes, but I’m still gonna like/fav/RT the crap outta them.

-Sorry, but that’s not actually Jennifer Aniston’s wedding gown.

Tatiana Maslany says she “can’t even count” the number of times she’s encountered sexism in Hollywood. Stay in Canada, Tat! We’re 13.3% less pervy.

-The story about Morgan Freeman‘s god-daughter continues to get more and more tragic. A 30-year-old man (reportedly her boyfriend) has been arrested in her stabbing, which an eyewitness claims was an “attempted exorcism.”

-Newsflash: people really, really don’t like Ariana Grande.

-More dirt is coming out from the Fantastic Four set, including news that director Josh Trank and Miles Teller almost came to blows.

-I kind of hope Felicia Day’s press tour never ends because it’s so adorably awesome.

-This is a good sign: everyone who caught a glimpse of Captain America: Civil War footage at D23 is raving about it.

-This is a great (if long) piece about the move from weekly television airings to all-at-once drops.

-Speaking of TV, I caught up on the last episode of Mr Robot and now that’s all I want to talk about. Holy $*&%! This show is everything True Detective tried — and failed — to be.

-Watch Cate Blanchett win her next Oscar by flirting with Rooney Mara in this trailer for Carol.

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