Jennifer Aniston Pulled Off a Secret Wedding to Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in Wanderlust. (Universal Studios)
Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux in Wanderlust. (Universal Studios)

-I kind of love that Jennifer Aniston managed to go against expectations and pull off a secret, low-key wedding. I mean, it’s perfect, right? This was the most anticipated nuptials in Hollywood. People were beginning to think it wouldn’t even happen. And not only did it happen, it happened on a Wednesday night when no one saw it coming. They told guests (including Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Jason Bateman, Emily Blunt, John Krasinski, Ellen DeGeneres, Will Arnett, Tobey Maguire and Jimmy Kimmel) that it was a birthday party for Justin Theroux. That’s some well-played gaming. Now can we all retire the poor, sad, lonely Jen narrative?

-Speaking of well-played gaming, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt still managed to steal some of her thunder by dropping their By The Sea trailer this morning. Oh, and it’s Angelina Jolie Pitt now, thankyouverymuch.

Miles Teller responded to that Esquire article, calling it “very misrepresenting” while his Fantastic Four costars rallied to his defense. Judging by the reviews that movie is getting, this isn’t going to be his favourite week.

Blake Lively cracked jokes while giving birth because she is a perfect human specimen of perfection, dontcha know?

Drake reunited with his Degrassi costars at the We Are Disorderly premiere and it was adorabs!

Jared Leto’s lawyer would really like everyone to stop talking about how big his client’s dick is, mm-kay?

-The director of Going Clear called out Jon Stewart for his softball Tom Cruise interview. Ok, but dude was there to promote Mission Impossible. How would that even work?

-The creator of The O.C. is developing a horror series set in an Ikea-like store. Sign me up!

-Good news, book nerds (I’m counting myself in that group): Steven Spielberg insists he’s still planning to adapt Ready Player One.

-Not so promising on the book adaptation front: Diablo Cody is having trouble getting her Sweet Valley High movie musical made and wants Jennifer Lawrence to help out.

-Yet another reason why Anna Kendrick is our fantasy BFF: she’ll borrow pricey jewelry for you.

-I feel like “James Franco will play twins in a new HBO pilot about the porn industry from The Wire’s creator” was a sentence I was always destined to type.

-In other HBO news, here’s the first trailer for Vinyl, starring Bobby Cannavale and Olivia Wilde and a whole lotta cocaine.

-Good news from the TCA tour: critics were treated to a scene from The X Files reboot. The bad news: no one seemed to like it. Apparently it was stuffed with all the show’s catchphrases and played like a parody. Gulp.

-Also at the Fox panel, they confirmed the Prison Break reboot, which happened because of all the people who rewatched it on Netflix. Oh, and they said the new show is going to ignore the fact that the main character, you know, DIED.

-Every year there’s one show that debuts at the TCAs that gets the critics all riled up. Last year, it was Stalker. This year’s winner is Wicked City. Who did our poor Chuck Bass piss off to wind up in this?

-Here’s a rundown of the shows that are creating the most buzz at the TCAs. (I’d add Rob Lowe’s The Grinder, which was paneled today and showered with Twitter love.)

-Arrow’s Felicity wears fishnets and uses a whip in this new short. I’m going to need therapy after this. Or at least this palate-cleansing video that Stephen Amell just posted from set.

-I really enjoy this video about how you probably hate CGI because you think good CGI isn’t actually CGI.

George Clooney invited Edward Norton and family to his Lake Como villa. Why am I having such a hard time picturing them as friends?

-The New Yorker is prepping an expose on TMZ and it promises to be juicy. *grabby hands*

Jake Gyllenhaal battles the elements while Keira Knightley worries in the latest trailer for Everest.

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