More Rumours of Trouble for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner in Daredevil (Twentieth Century Fox)

-Looks like someone needs to step up their farmers market game!

-Here are the best answers from Channing Tatum’s AMA (though really, you should probably just read the whole thing ’cause it’s all gold).

-Who in the world would spend $2k to partake in a 3-day “rustic nature experience” with Jared Leto? (Well, besides the guy who sat next to me at his TIFF doc premiere and yelled at me for not knowing Leto’s assistant’s name. That guy’s totally going.)

Taylor Schilling and Adam Scott get really NSFW in the first 7 minutes of their new movie, which you can watch on EW.

-Meanwhile, Adam told a story about how he and Paul Rudd once got kicked out of a wedding after showing their dicks in a video.

Jon Hamm stopped by a restaurant in Tennessee and very gave his waitress his Bonnaroo VIP wristband like the gent that he is.

-The first teaser for Season 2 of Fargo just features a bird and still manages to be fantastic.

Lexi Alexander is probably one of the most interesting (and definitely the most vocal) directors I follow on Twitter (@Lexialex). In this new interview in which she talks about the struggle for women to break into TV, she drops some gossip about a DP on Grey’s Anatomy who set out to make the female directors’ jobs hell.

-There are gets and then there are GETS. Marc Maron just landed President Obama for his WTF podcast.

-This is glorious. Someone wrote to my local newspaper’s advice column with the plot to The Room. And they answered it.

-Here’s our first look at Kristen Wiig on the Ghostbusters set. Is it too early to squee about this movie? ‘Cause I feel a squee coming on…

Kate Winslet wants us to stare at her face to prove that she hasn’t had Botox. Like we needed an excuse…

-Everything’s coming up Aaron Paul this week. Now he’s going to star in a film written and directed by Zack Whedon.

-Shocking report: Christian Grey comes off as even more of an abusive psychopath in E.L. James‘ new book.

-This is an excellent read on how In Touch’s fantastic Duggars coverage has changed tabloid journalism. (I never thought I’d use the words ‘fantastic coverage’ and ‘In Touch’ in the same sentence, but there it is.)

-Don’t ask Mindy Kaling to be your bridesmaid. Just don’t.

-Toast’s “If XX Were Your Girlfriend” series takes on Gillian Anderson, and it’s lovely.

-Meanwhile, Gillian talked about playing an “older Scully” in a new interview with TV Line.

-It always unnerves me when I agree with a GOOP article

-I adore Haley Atwell but her second outfit in this gallery is tragic.

-I’m really digging the Reelside series that’s airing on The Movie Network right now. This week’s goes behind the scenes with Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen.

-I’m not sure I really “get” the trailer for Turbo Kid, but Sundance loved it.

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