Blake Lively Talks Gossip Girl, Breast Feeding


Blake Lively has mastered the eyeroll-inducing interview, but calling Gossip Girl “a little personally compromising” and saying breast feeding is a “full-time job” reaches new heights.

-Meanwhile, her hubby Ryan Reynolds got into a little scrap with a pap and when CBC tried to interview him about it, he said he wouldn’t talk to them unless they bring Beachcombers back.

-It’s possible I spent wayyyyy too much time today reading groupie stories from Reddit. I’m not proud.

Azealia Banks is dating Jesse Bradford? My brain is unable to compute that.

-For those of us who worried the Dennis Quaid video was real, we can now sleep better at night. It’s just a Funny or Die bit.

-Oooohhhh…there’s talk that Angelina Jolie could direct either Captain Marvel or Wonder Woman.

-Kendra the Vampire Slayer is now Beyonce’s stepsister.

-Speaking of Buffy alums, Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz flirting on Twitter fills my fangirl heart with squees.

Nicki Minaj might be engaged, guys.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone just can’t stop making movies together.

-Also, Ryan just proved that even he can’t make jet black hair not look evil.

-Girls star Jemima Kirke opened up about her abortion in a PSA for reproductive rights.

-Netflix has already renewed Orange is the New Black for season 4, and celebrated by releasing a new clip from season 3.

Gwyneth Paltrow skipped her food challenge to go on a date.

-Any time Reese Witherspoon pays homage to Sweet Home Alabama, I like her just a little bit more.

Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan are two badass rabble-rousers in the new Suffragette teaser.

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