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March 30, 2015

Rihanna Goes Retro in Vanity Fair Italia


-I don’t really understand any of the styling choices in Rihanna’s Vanity Fair Italia photo spread. Are these new pics, or did they just grab some old Teen Vogue outtakes?

-Meanwhile, this is great: the new Rihanna single that we all can’t stop listening to was co-produced by WondaGurl, an 18-year-old female producer from Brampton, Ont.

Mariah Carey might be dating Brett Ratner. My brain can’t fully comprehend that sentence.

-So for some reason HBO Canada didn’t air the Scientology doc last night (though it’s easy to find on the interwebs, and it’s weirdly getting a theatrical release here in a couple of weeks). In the meantime, here are the six most disturbing moments from the doc.

-I love when Barack Obama takes time out of presidenting to geek out over The Wire.

-There’s a lot to like about the news that comedian Trevor Noah will succeed Jon Stewart as host of The Daily Show. I loved his bit about sports coverage vs business coverage.

Deadline is super sorry about that “plague of ethnic actors” story. Sure they are.

-Whoa, guys. The NYPD reportedly questioned Harvey Weinstein over the alleged groping of a 22- year-old woman at a movie theatre this weekend. Whoa.

Jon Hamm was reportedly upset that Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner wouldn’t let him do Gone Girl. If he needs to hug it out, I’m available.

-Meanwhile, I really liked this take on why Don Draper ain’t an antihero, just a coward wracked with self-loathing.

-Speaking of good reads, this piece on the unbearable whiteness of indie music is worth a look.

Ben Gibbard picked his favourite Death Cab for Cutie songs for Vulture, which led to me listening to “Movie Script Ending” an embarrassing number of times today.

-Congrats to Sam Worthington, who just became a new dad.

Taylor Swift and Madonna performed together this weekend and it was kind of … boring?

-Good lord. Please tell me Jenny McCarthy isn’t really pretending The View wants her back.

The Rock‘s SNL episode was surprisingly solid. Weirdly sexual, but solid.

-I want to mouth-kiss this Bill Cosby heckler: “Tell the one about how to get away with rape!”

Kevin Spacey says Bill Clinton told him House of Cards is “99 percent” accurate, which is all kinds of terrifying.

-I felt good about the fact that all the shows I watch on the regular are on the 50 Youngest-Skewing Shows list, until I realized the median “young” age is 42.

-The New Yorker has a great profile on Allison Jones, casting director for all the cool comedies by Judd Apatow, Paul Feig, etc. Vulture condensed it down to 8 amazing tidbits.

-Los Angeles is screwed in this new teaser for the terribly titled Walking Dead spinoff, Fear the Walking Dead.

-The new Age of Ultron featurette heavies up on Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and ohmygod is that Aaron Taylor-Johnson‘s real voice?!? That’s…not hot.

-Here’s the first teaser for Spectre, the new Bond film.