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March 27, 2015

Anna Kendrick Talks George Clooney, Fake Smiles in Glamour UK


-That weird Tom Ford dress strikes again, this time on Anna Kendrick’s Glamour UK cover. I hate how it makes everyone look like the have bejeweled nipples.

Gillian Anderson says she’s ready to date again, and gender is “irrelevant.” The fangirl part of me wants David Duchovny to swoop in, but the gossip-following part of me wants him to stay far, far away.

-Meanwhile, I liked this NYT interview with Duchovny about the reboot and Mulder’s investigative incompetence.

-It looks like Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are really a thing.Does this mean she’s going to be on Rita Ora’s shit list? Because that doesn’t seem like a fun place to be.

-It’s from the National Enquirer so it deserves some serious side-eye, but this report of Nicole Kidman and Julia Roberts feuding on set does not sound totally outside the realm of possibility.

James Franco “tried” to go unnoticed at a Broadway show by wearing the most noticeable disguise ever. I don’t even want to waste my eyerolls on that guy anymore…

Ed Sheeran was the surprise guest at the wedding of a couple whose ceremony was hosted by a radio station because they couldn’t afford it.

Ryan Reynolds showed off his Deadpool costume on Twitter with a pretty hilarious pose. Just take my money now.

-Set your DVRs. The Scientology doc Going Clear airs on HBO this Sunday, and by all accounts it’s jaw-dropping and eviscerating.

-Speaking of HBO docs I finally finished The Jinx. Holy shit, guys. I thought that by knowing how it ended and following the news since, the finale would be ruined for me but it really wasn’t. I’ve never seen anything like those last 5 minutes on TV, ever.

-Also, after you watch The Jinx, go to Conan’s site and press Ctrl D.

-Meanwhile, Fred Durst would really like to remind you that he is not Robert Durst.

-And Billy Zane would really like to remind you that he is not Zayn Malik.

Zayn has spoken out since leaving 1D (am I doing that right?!), saying “I’ve let fans down.”

-Just when you thought NBC’s comedy strategy couldn’t be more of a joke, they go and resurrect Coach. Out of all the Bravermans they could have offered a TV show to, Zeke would be my last choice.

-I never thought I wanted to see Patrick Stewart doing lines and getting spanked until I did.

-Glee’s Mark Salling has been ordered to pay $2.7 million in his ex-girlfriend’s sexual battery lawsuit. How can he possibly have that much?

This interview with Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner is super long, but his thoughts at the end about Don & Peggy’s relationship is the most interesting (and troubling) bit.

-They’ve revealed the title for The Walking Dead’s new companion series and it’s hella terrible.

-Model Sami Miro has broken her silence on dating Zac Efron, saying “it’s definitely different.” Truer words…

Jake Gyllenhaal is battered and broken in the first trailer for his boxing flick Southpaw.  I really like what Rachel McAdams is doing in the first bit of this.