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March 11, 2015

Chloe Sevigny Disses America’s Sweetheart, Gets Tons of Attention

Chloë Sevigny

Jennifer Lawrence is annoying and crass says Chloe Sevigny — and if anyone knows crass, it’s the chick who blew Vincent Gallo on film for Brown Bunny. That’s one way to promote her new art book, I guess.

Ryan Reynolds says kissing Anna Kendrick is “like taking your face to Awesometown.” Sounds about right.

River Tiber‘s new song is awesome — and made even more awesome because it uses a previously unheard Drake sample. (We saw these guys play at Field Trip last year and immediately rushed to buy everything they had put out…which ended up being only an EP.)

-It hurts me to admit that Ashton Kutcher is making a good point here, but he just might be.

Julianne Moore has a good reason for turning down the mani cam on the red carpet: “I’m 54 years old. I can’t make my fingers walk; it’s humiliating!” Bless.

-Firefly’s Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion are crowdfunding a new comedy, and at last check it was tracking at roughly $1K a minute. Nerd power, yo.

-ABC wanted to cast a role described as a “born hustler” full of “moxie,”  so they chose Nate from Gossip Girl? Oh, Hollywood.

-This trailer for the first authorized Kurt Cobain doc uses home videos and artwork.

-Good on Shad for landing the permanent Q hosting gig! Well deserved (despite what some dickfaces on Twitter might be saying).

-Ruh roh. Shots were reported fired at Lil Wayne’s house in Miami today.

-My interest in the movie side of the DC universe is nowhere near as high as its TV side, but that may change now that Chris Pine is rumored to be starring as Green Lantern in the Justice League movies.

-Oh geez. Shia LaBeouf and his rattail might be engaged.

-Wait, is Liam Neeson‘s new action movie really called Run All Night: Ultimate Protector? It’s like they’re not even trying anymore…